It is 100% proven that the existence of a good product or service is the beginning of the relationship between client and company, but it is not the only factor to keep it alive. Once the client has contacted and taken this first step, their degree of satisfaction will be measured by the ease of contact, as well as by your ability to be able to solve their doubts, problems, concerns and give a quick and efficient response to any of their issues, most of it, from your contact center.

Do you think you are prepared to offer that?

There aren’t any doubts about the importance of making the appropriate channels and mechanisms available to your customers in order to be able to give them an immediate response when they contact your company.

One of the biggest concerns that companies have, is having communication tools that are capable of offering close and accessible touch points between customer and company, with the aim of improving the customer experience when they decide to buy your product or service (here a free eBook that might help you with this issue).

The advantages and benefits that telephone service provides (which we can place within the so-called call center) to the relationship between client and company are well known. However, the development of digital technologies and the arise of new needs by a more technologically developed client, have led to the emergence of new ways of interrelation between client and company, in which it is necessary to combine the telephone with other tools aimed at expand and improve the customer experience, a fact that is possible thanks to what we call a contact center.

Do you want to know what a call center is and how it works?

A call-center is designed to interact with users or customers of our company with a clear goal: to offer personalized attention to each client in order to ensure that their experience, when they get in touch with our company, be as positive as possible. The objective is clear, to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction and that, ultimately, they feel happy for having purchased our product or service.

To understand the importance of a call-center, we have to start from the premise that customers, in general, expect a lot from the customer service that companies provide because once they get in touch with our company, they not only expect that you know how to give a satisfactory answer to your concerns, questions or complaints, but they want that answer to be quick, easy and without interruptions.


They want to be able to contact the company and that it has someone specialized who is at their disposal when they need it.


However, a call-center is not only a personalized and direct service with the client, it can also be a powerful marketing tool for your company, since in addition to being used as an important source of information indicated by the client, it can also serve as an effective and direct method to communicate updated information about our company, new promotional campaigns, new product launches and opportunities. These communications might be of interest to achieve the loyalty of existing customers or the recruitment of new ones , with the consequent repercussion on the marketing campaigns and commercial actions of the company.

In short, in addition to serving to solve the problems of your customers, a call-center can be a very valuable touch point to interact with them and have more direct information on their preferences and even improve the perception they have of your brand image.

Types of call center

There are different types of call centers. Depending on the needs of your company, the type of product or service you offer and of course the characteristics of your customers, the need for a call center may vary, so we recommend clearly defining your business objective before deciding on one of the different types that exist. Do you want to know which they are?

Inbound call-center

This type of call-center is the one that is destined to receive calls from clients with the function of giving solution and answer to all the doubts, questions, complaints or suggestions.

In the inbound call center, it is the customer who begins the contact when making the first call. Remember the importance of responding to the client in the most agile and simple way possible, without waiting times and in the most complete way to avoid bad experiences.

Outbound call-center

In this case, it will be the company that makes the first call to the client, either to inform them of news about products or services, organize appointments or commercial visits, to carry out post-sale surveys, follow-up on a sale or a contact made or even for customer loyalty campaigns. In short, the outbound call-center will be more aimed at developing the commercial objectives or marketing campaigns of a company.

The call-center service is a powerful tool for your company to manage through a call, in an agile and efficient way, the contact with our clients, so that they feel cared for at the right time they need it.

Within the call centers, ICR Evolution offers you the opportunity to be recognized for the quality of your service and facilitate interactions with your customers in an easy and seamless way thanks to the intuitive functionalities of its software that will allow your company to offer an unforgettable experience for the customer.

It should be noted that currently with the development of new digital technologies a new, more digital customer has emerged with new needs and with a totally different way of interacting with companies, more immediate, more connected and open to all. For this reason, the communication channels between the client and the company have also evolved, combining the telephone with other more dynamic tools aimed to expanding and improving the customer experience, and this is how this new form of interrelation between the customer and a company, known as a contact-center.


Do you want to know what a contact center is and how it differs from a call center?

We could say that a contact center is the natural evolution of a call center in a technological and virtual era.

A call center uses only the telephone channel, while the contact center will combine the telephone with other tools that will allow a more comprehensive and immediate service to be given to this new type of more technologically advanced customer, since it integrates the telephone with chats, email, social networks, SMS and video.

Unlike the call center, the contact center is characterized by being an omnichannel solution in the relationship with our clients. A contact center will offer the client all the information about our company and will provide the solutions that they demand through all the digital channels that it has at its disposal, such as live chat, messaging, social networks and even video. calls.

Knowing how to properly handle and manage all these digital tools will be extremely important for our company and especially for the corporate image, due, above all, to the enormous impact that our actions will have on the final customer, due to the enormous diffusion, strength and immediacy of social networks with opinions and messages open to all types of public.

A contact center, like a call center, can be used for a variety of functions within your company, ranging from customer service, a reservation or appointment service, sales, loyalty or even incident management.

Which are the types of communications available when using a contact center?

  • Management of incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • Texting.
  • Chat service on the web pages through which any client can contact your company at any time they want, either to ask a question, request information or even to manage a complaint or incident.
  • Use of email.
  • Social networks as a tool that has grown the fastest in the field of communication between client and company.


What advantages can the services of a call center or contact center offer to your company?

  • Greater customer satisfaction. The client will find a comprehensive communication system that will cover all their needs. A contact center has more possibilities to solve or close any situation open with the client, since it has all the digital channels, data and tools to be able to satisfy the requirements of an increasingly connected client.
  • Greater customer retention. The client will feel heard and accompanied throughout the process.
  • Better brand perception. Making the contact mechanisms available to the client so that they can interact with the company is a powerful tool to improve our brand image because we are positioning the client at the center of our activity, transmitting the importance that all their needs have for us.


At ICR Evolution we have more than 25 years of experience accompanying partners and clients in the transformation of their communication experiences with EVOLUTION, our omnichannel software for contact and call centers.

Our team, made up of experienced and passionate professionals, will be able to advise you in order to implement the solution that offers the best experience for customers and employees.

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