Design Thinking or Human-centred design is a process for creative problem solving.

As the title might hint, this Design Thinking approach applies elements and methodologies, in which the designers use empathy and experimentation to arrive at innovative solutions.

It integrates peoples’ needs, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. Where these three concepts overlap is the sweet spot for fostering innovation.

At the heart of Design Thinking is the intention to improve products by analysing and understanding how users interact with products and investigating the conditions in which they operate.

Thinking outside of the box can provide an innovative solution to a sticky problem.

Why? Amongst other, because of the empathy. You are interested in listening the stories of your clients, which will help you to inspire opportunities, ideas, and solutions. Stories are framed around real people and their lives. Stories are important because they are accounts of specific aspects, not general statements. They provide us with concrete details that help us imagine solutions to particular problems. Design Thinking seeks to generate an empathetic understanding of the problems that people face. That involves subjective concepts such as emotions, needs, motivations, and drivers of behaviours. So, by this model you can make decisions based on what customers really want rather than relying on risky bets set up on instinct instead of evidence.

Thinking like a designer and incorporating the insights extracted from our software developers transform the way our team develops its product, processes, and strategy; by satisfying our client’s needs.

In the same way, using design thinking in your contact center means to focus on understanding your agents and the problems they might be experiencing, and this is translated into an excellent point for your agents’ workflow improvement. Also, because it involves the agents at any step, they become part of the solution and they will be more open to change as a result. That will increase productivity, ease off the pressure, boost your agents’ satisfaction and ultimately the customers experience.


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