Case Studies

Success Story TKS Group

TKS Group are the leaders in conducting stock and standards audits for the automotive sector. They operate internationally in 16 countries of the European Union, Morocco and Chile.

Our omnichannel software for Contact Center EVOLUTION, has become a key part of they day to day operations.


success story contact center


TKS Group matched with our software EVOLUTION because the platform was flexible enough to adapt to the needs of each of their clients.


TKS Group was also looking for a fully integrated solution for each of their business areas that would enable them to encompass the entire customer relationship management.


TKS Group first decided to implement our software EVOLUTION in their debt collections area. They quickly saw improvements in productivity and personalization and went on to deploy the solution across all of their channels.


They also automated outbound dialing and email generation, lead contact strategies for several campaigns including legal acceptance of contracts. TKS Group have achieved full contact history in their database as well as recording the actions resulting from each contact.


TKS Group now has a direct line of communication through email and phone with its customers. They were also able to achieve full management of their business areas thanks to the depth of reporting which gives them  better analysis opportunities and a real time view of each campaign is unfolding.