Case Studies

Success Story SYRSA Group

The Spanish automotive group SYRSA has optimized its communications with our software EVOLUTION in its Contact Center, thanks to the implementation carried out by our partner, Weber Solutions.


success story contact center


Customer service was quite deficient. There was no transaction log, no data recording, and quality was not measured. The main challenge was to integrate and customize the technology with the company’s existing systems. The implementation had the complexity of the SYRSA Group CRM and customization requirements.


Nuestro socio, Weber Systems, ofreció una respuesta proactiva, alineando la tecnología, los tiempos y costes de implantación con las expectativas y necesidades del negocio del Grupo SYRSA. El software EVOLUTION fue considerado la plataforma omnicanal idónea para optimizar sus comunicaciones con el cliente, por la facilidad de uso del sistema, su arquitectura web abierta y la relación calidad-precio.


SYRSA Group now has an efficient and flexible tool that has allowed them to obtain the maximum benefit from interaction with their customers. All touchpoints are centralized with EVOLUTION, which is integrated with the company’s CRM. Before an email is attended by the agent, it is processed by EVOLUTION to identify the buyer’s data, which translates into an increase in agent productivity. On the other hand, the telephone service has greatly streamlined the performance of the contact center. The IVR identifies different types of calls by providing the appropriate responses automatically. Many queries are thus resolved autonomously. And others are intelligently routed to the right agents. The first results are already be seen in indicators such as the FCR (First Call Resolution), which has increased by 60%.

The improvement in efficiency, productivity and administrative times has been spectacular. In the inbound side, our clients value very positively that when contacting through any channel the person who attends them has all their history and can manage their appointment in the same transaction

José Pablo Cañete
Service Delivery Manager at Grupo SYRSA