Case Studies

Success Story KiWi

Headquarted in Switzerland, KiWi specializes in developing inclusive financial solutions for emergent markets. They operate in Europe, Middle East and LATAM.


Our omnichannel software for Contact Center EVOLUTION, has become a key part of they day to day operations. 


success story contact center


KiWi was keen to offer a personalized follow up service to their clients, as well as manage lead generation campaigns. Within these transactions, the dialogue with the client is the basis of a successful interaction. As such, the quality of the experience through professionalism, human touch and direct communication is key to customer loyalty.


KiWi chose us and our cloud based solution to optimize their contact center operations for its flexibility and reporting options.


The implementation of our software EVOLUTION was quick and painless, with users being operational within just two weeks. As this was a turn-key implementation and a one-stop-shop solution, the business is able to adjust the number of licences that are used on a monthly basis depending on their volumes of contacts.


EVOLUTION also allows the development of propietary scripts and CRM integration.


With our software EVOLUTION, KiWi has been able to measure agent response versus the number of leads they can process, with enhanced reporting and customer experience. KiWi now also has a better understanding of their sales figures, resulting in data-informed decision making.

Our cloud based solution has provided KiWi with higher cost effectiveness, quicker deployment times as well as better resource optimization.