Case Studies

Success Story iSalud

For iSalud, the success of this technology project resides in no longer being dependent on propietary hardware and infrastructure, as well as maintaining controlled implementation costs. Learn how we implemented our software EVOLUTION and how it has improved the operations of the company.



Initally this well-known Spanish insurance comparison website was looking to outsource their telephony services as well as maintenance and managed services to a cost-effective provider who could also support process improvements and resource optimization in the contact center. The rapid implementation of the ICR Evolution software by certified Partner trueIT enabled the client to very quickly move on to working on the integration with their in-house CRM.


The implementation kicked off quickly and was stood up in just a few months, enabling iSalud to use ICR Evolution with minimal disturbance to the operation.

With iSalud processing senstive data, the highest security standards and data encryption protocols were applied for maximum peace of mind.

To ensure adoption was a success, iSalud teams received full training, where the platform was deemed easy to use by agents. Another key success factor was working as one team in spite of three companies being involved.


ICR Evolution covers all of iSalud needs for their campaigns and has allowed a tremendous reduction in wait times during outbound dialing. We’re also saving money on hardware since the solution is cloud-based.

The team appreciates the infinite scalability of the solution, meaning they can react in minutes to any increase in traffic.

The solution is designed to apply intelligence to real time actions and has improved contact rates significantly. Supervisors can monitor their agents at alll times and work on quality and compliance. iSalud is currently working on making more use of the EVOLUTION software by adding other care channels in a completely integrated environment.

Now they handle all of this, we can focus on developing and improving our customer care systems and processes. Everything else is with trueIT and EVOLUTION.

Daniel Pérez
COO at iSalud