Case Studies

Success Story Fiatc & trueIT Systems

Fiatc is a company that stands out for offering a comprehensive insurance service, both for individuals and their assets. It offers solutions to anticipate any setback to accompany each customer throughout their lives, both personally and professionally.

They wanted to create a culture of transformation and innovation by keeping the customer at the center of their Contact Center. Discover how we carried out this success story with our technology partner trueIT Systems.

caso de éxito contact center


This project was shared with our technology partner trueIT Systems, who was in charge of the implementation and has been able to understand and fit Fiatc’s needs perfectly thanks to the flexibility of our software.

Among the needs that were triggering the project to integrate EVOLUTION into Fiatc’s operations, the main one was to create a culture of transformation and innovation, keeping the customer at the spotlight. In other words, it was something bigger than technology, a change of focus in the way of dealing with daily tasks.

Regarding technical issues in particular, Fiatc sought to improve the traceability of all procedures, regardless of the channel through which they are carried out. For its part, the improvement of teleworking and call distribution were also a priority to offer optimal working conditions to agents so that they could carry out their tasks successfully.

On the other hand, Fiatc needed a tool that allows them to identify the most appropriate interlocutor for each call in order to achieve personalization in the treatment that makes a difference and generates a memorable experience for each person who communicates. Moreover, it was a priority to maximize the call response rate while offering the best possible management to the interlocutor.

Lastly, the company was also interested in a software that would enable them to successfully manage both inbound and outbound campaigns, to respond to different corporate objectives.


The solution that we suggested from ICR Evolution was our cloud platform, with greater storage capacity than they had at that time.

This new incorporation offered the possibility of achieving greater traceability and better identification in procedures regardless of the channel used by the customer, which was one of their priorities. It was also suggested to work on its IVR to review processes and reduce inefficiencies.


The impact was highly positive from the beginning of the project. They managed to minimize the inefficiencies of the system they had. They improved online and real-time monitoring of operations and processes for precise follow-up. Thus, they gain the possibility of making live changes, without stopping the operations of the Contact Center, which is key for the performance of daily tasks.

Other benefits obtained from the distribution of automatic tasks without the need for assignment by the person in charge, as a clear example of process automation. In conclusion, they were able to achieve one of their main objectives, which was to resolve requests in the shortest possible time, but without affecting the experience with the customer.

Our software EVOLUTION has been key in this task, since it provided the necessary technology to make these changes real and that each management process leads to satisfied agents and satisfied customers.

Something to highlight is the accompaniment received and how the technological solution was continuously adapted until it reached what we needed as a company.

– Anabel Vidal
Operations Manager at Fiatc Seguros Contact Center