Contact center: upselling and cross-selling. Imagine this situation: you find yourself browsing different online stores looking for products or services that you want to purchase. Suddenly, while doing this research, different related products appear, that you can purchase to complete your sale or improve it. You know what we’re talking about, right? Today we focus on two additional product sales strategies: upselling and cross-selling. Do you know what they consist of? How can we enhance the customer experience through these sales strategies in our contact center? We have the answer here!

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Contact center: what are upselling y cross-selling?

Gone are those days when the relationship with customers was only by telephone, through incoming and outgoing calls. Now, in the midst of the digital age, with infinity of existing communication channels and with omnichannel as the “mantra” of any sales experience, the aforementioned selling strategies come into play. Two strategies that are part of digital marketing actions aimed at contact, sale and user loyalty:

  • Cross-selling strategies: cross-selling is a strategy consisting of offering a customer or potential customer a complementary service or product to the one they are about to purchase. Also includes those cases in which the customer bought the product and is currently offered this same product.
  • Upselling Strategies: Upselling is another marketing technique. Unlike cross-selling, upselling consists in offering call center or contact center users a product or service that is not complementary, but similar to the one they intend to buy… but, yes, it is usually superior in terms of to quality and price.

Which are the advantages of upselling and cross-selling?

With the definition of both strategies and taking into account the purpose of each of them (selling a complementary product versus selling a superior product), we can easily guess which of the two is more effective:

In this case, upselling would be much more effective (up to 20 times, according to experts), since it is always much easier to offer the customer a product or service related to one previously purchased than a complementary but different one.

Integrating both sales strategies within the customer service of a contact center has different advantages. For example:

  • Value proposition and loyalty: when a contact center agent offers other products or services to a user, their satisfaction increases for a very simple reason: they feel important and feel that the company knows their needs and interests.
  • Implementation price: it does not have any type of expense at an economic level, since they are strategies that are integrated into the tasks of contact center agents.
  • Increased income: especially with upselling strategies, since we are talking about selling something similar, better (and more expensive) than what the customer has already bought.

Contact center: how to apply upselling and cross-selling strategies?

Both upselling and cross-selling can be carried out both with the traditional method (phone call, having a sales pitch by phone as we explained in a previous post) and through the new communication channels such as social media, email, etc.

When applying them correctly to achieve the objective (increase sales), the developed contact center strategy must take into account some very important points:

  • What products obtain better results when they are offered to the client?
  • Carry out upselling and cross-selling with sense and honesty: that is, taking care of the client, knowing them and offering them products and services always based on their needs and not randomly.
  • Reward loyal customers: For example, by offering discounts, thank you messages, or additional details when making a purchase. A happy customer always comes back and has to feel that a company takes care of her relationship with him.
  • Active listening: we have previously highlighted it: 81% of consumers want the brands they deal with to know them. In this sense, active listening is much more agile and effective if a company integrates a CRM with its contact center software to get to know each user in depth and offer a 100% personalized customer service.

Contact center software EVOLUTION, your perfect ally for sales and marketing

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