Contact center in the phygital era. Teleworking, increased transactions and online communications, or reduced interactions at the point of sale (understood as the physical space) to benefit online purchases are some of the points that are part of the “new normal” in which we find ourselves immersed for almost two years now.

A situation in which companies – as we have said on other occasions – have had to reinvent themselves. Also our contact centers sector. Here, professionals have to be able to offer an exceptional shopping experience and meet their customers’ expectations (in terms of product or service quality) in a context that changes at breakneck speed.

That is why it is so important to know how to manage the so-called phygital experience in a contact center in an era where the online and offline world are more united than ever. Do you want to know what this known as the “phygital era” consists of and how an omnichannel contact center can help you? Keep reading!

Contact center: what is the phygital era?

The term “phygital” (physical + digital, which was born at the beginning of the 21st century, refers to the trend that consists on raising the experience of a brand through the combination of the physical world (offline) and the digital environment (online). This physical and digital union, carried out correctly, has a very positive effect on the experience of a customer who increasingly gives priority to personalized attention (especially in the digital world if we take into account the aforementioned current context).

One of the first companies to dare with this phygital experience was Amazon Go. A very interesting concept whose first premise seemed impossible: to have stores without the need of shop assistants.

With more than 4200 million users in social media (and remembering one of our last posts in which we explained the importance of them in this new year that we are now starting), it is clear that a large percentage of users are connected with your company through their touchscreens (60%, according to a recent Deloitte study).

This phygital trend seeks to attract those buyers who are looking for experiences that meet the so-called “three I’s” (immediacy, immersion and interaction).

At this point, we cast a question into the air: is it possible to deliver a seamless experience in this phygital age? At ICR Evolution we are clear: the solution is to have good omnichannel call center software.


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Contact center: enhance the phygital experience through an omnichannel contact center

And despite the importance of social networks when we refer to the omnichannel experience, we cannot forget about other channels: chat and instant messaging, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, have also become common channels for customers and now are as normal as the contact in physical stores or traditional channels such as email or telephone.

Offering omnichannel customer service in your contact center stopped being a luxury many years ago: now it is a necessity and an obligation. And all companies must be aware of the importance of integrating omnichannel in marketing campaigns.

Integrating a CRM in your contact center is a perfect option to offer this phygital experience, since it allows us to store, cross and take advantage of user information to personalize their Digital Customer Experience.


Contact center: discover our ICR Evolution omnichannel software

Our omnichannel software EVOLUTION is the perfect solution to connect with your customers through your website. Offer real-time assistance to your customers via video, text or call and help them shop or guide them where they need to go. A perfect and effective tool for your company to face this phygital era with guarantees.

Need more information? Request a demo of our omnichannel software here!

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