Globalization and digitization have caused an important paradigm shift for the integration of new business models, such as BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), a solution that has become very popular in recent years to satisfy both the needs of companies and users in a less expensive and efficient way.

Why should you hire a BPO for your Contact Center?

The reasons for opting for this type of services are diverse. For many companies, it is the most efficient way to focus on their differential value while outsourcing other less relevant functions, taking advantage of the resources and technologies offered by BPOs. On the other hand, other companies choose outsourcing to streamline processes or manage large volumes of data that they cannot absorb internally.

Regarding customer experience, outsourcing helps facilitate the execution of customer experience strategies by taking advantage of the technological advantages that many BPO companies offer and that are often not available internally in the organization.

Going into detail, the main benefits of outsourcing processes in a contact center include: support for business growth, execution and maintenance of operations in a professional manner, the ability to provide 24/7 service and connect with new customers in different languages and time zones, and even hiring new talent likely to be absorbed internally by the company in the future.

In addition, outsourcing is also often used as a method to reduce costs, since it is not necessary to assume the rent of spaces or the hiring and incorporation of new employees. For those looking to offer customer support at a reduced cost, we also recommend the use of other technological solutions such as:

1. Integrate cloud customer service software

In order to be more efficient and better address the workload, as well as expand the team without having to invest in a space. Thus, agents can perform their tasks remotely, without an office.

2. Use an IVR call blasting system in your contact center

Solve the simplest queries without the need to contact an agent first. You will reduce the workload while improving the positive feedback from customers by solving their problem more immediately.

3. Apply self-service solutions such as a chatbot

This is a solution to help the customer support team solve requests quickly. In addition, it is a tool to provide information to the client to anticipate possible problems before they occur.

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Phases to outsource your Contact Center with a BPO

To develop a good business model with a BPO, different phases of the process must be taken into account, starting with the definition of which services are going to be outsourced, who is going to carry out this execution and for how long.

1. Identify the needs of the company

There are many variables when it comes to determining why you should outsource your company’s Contact Center to a BPO. What services are currently being provided? What is the cost? How much attention does it take away from other competencies? Does the contact center service respond to the needs of consumers? Is there uniformity in all geographical areas? Finding answers to these questions provides a clear view of the state of the business, and allows you to discover which functions need to be outsourced to increase efficiency.

2. How to choose the ideal BPO provider

Once the needs have been identified, it is time to decide the location, the interaction with the supplier and make sure that it meets all the necessary requirements.

The location of a BPO provider is a critical issue as it will affect available languages, agent skill sets, labor costs, and laws and jurisdiction data for each region.

It is also necessary to detail the type of interaction that you want to have with the BPO service provider: if you want to have frequent and close communication, or a more practical and independent one. It is essential to be clear about these aspects to avoid misunderstandings or dissatisfaction for not meeting the expectations of both parties.

An important point: if you establish service level agreements (Service Level Agreement) in the outsourced processes or tasks, it will allow you to have control and monitoring at the facilities of the subcontracted company as if it were a part of your own business.

Finally, when choosing a BPO service, it is important to find a provider that is compatible with the corporate culture of your company. For this, a good advice is to define the different criteria before making a final decision, among them: the level of innovation, labor capacity and resources, technological capacity, costs and experience.

3. Define the strategy

Outsourcing your company’s Contact Center to a BPO is an important step that must be carried out in a solid and strategic way to guarantee success. Therefore, it is essential to establish a strategy with clear objectives in order to monitor the progress of the collaboration.

4. Track results regularly

It is essential to monitor the functions performed by the BPO to know if the goals are being met. Analyze the reports monthly and monitor the metrics that best suit your processes to ensure the effectiveness of the outsourcing strategy.

For this, it is essential to integrate a specific CRM with which to manage, measure and store all interactions with customers from a single environment.

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Your new BPO needs EVOLUTION!

Our Call Center and Contact Center software adapts perfectly to outsourcing solutions and BPOs, not only thanks to its stability and flexibility, but it also has functionalities that adapt to your operation with all types of clients:

  • Flexibility and agility: Increase or reduce the capacity of your contact center in an agile way and always comply with the SLAs that you have previously defined with your clients.
  • Maximum productivity: Streamline your operations by moving your agents from one campaign to another and making them manage, thanks to Blending, various channels in a universal queue.
  • The best quality and price ratio on the market: Your clients will enjoy all the advantages and channels of our outsourcing and BPOs software from day one, being a versatile and reliable solution with very high levels of operation and without service interruptions.

Do you want to know more about our software EVOLUTION? Request a demo!

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