Companies have a considerable number of departments that are in touch with customers; however, in these times in which physical customer service is so limited (although it seems that the Covid is under control, we still have to continue taking care of ourselves), customer service teams working remotely are the solution, and this is managed from contact centers.

When we talk about a contact center, we refer to that centralized area of the company from which all communications with customers are managed and coordinated (by phone, via email, chat and social media). In most cases, the contact center is part of the company’s CRM strategy (Customer Relationship Management) and is integrated with specialized software that allows coordinating all these communications and efficiently monitoring all processes (here is where we enter the game!). For all these reasons, the contact center is considered a key element in a multichannel marketing strategy.

Contact centers have earned an important place within companies and have helped them improve their service, as they give customers the opportunity to solve any questions remotely. And what seemed like something temporary has undoubtedly come to stay, so offering a quality remote service is essential.

If you still have questions about how to manage this avalanche of inquiries through different channels, take a look at this free eBook about Customer Journey that will be of great help.

Service quality

As we already know, the quality of the service is one that is defined and implemented to guarantee full customer satisfaction so that they continue to purchase our products or services.

In order to ensure that the customer is provided with a service with the highest quality degree, it is necessary that there is a department specialized in quality control that will detect existing problems and seek solutions to correct them. Write this down as a pending task! If you are not yet auditing your customer service you should do it ASAP in order to identify areas for improvement. This is one of the most important parts as you will get first-hand information for your area and for the entire company. Don’t waste this opportunity!

One of the great challenges of ICR Evolution is to be able to offer a service that allows us to satisfy the expectations of our clients, for this reason we are always up to date on contact center trends and we implement them in our software.

Service quality is a concept that comes from the definition of quality itself, understood as satisfaction of customer needs and expectations. We must bear in mind that customer service is a source of profit and loss, since it depends on it to obtain good results in your business.

To keep a good service quality you need:

  • Satisfy the customer’s needs. AKA, respond to your questions and complaints in a timely manner.
  • Determine quality standards. Establish a north, objectives. Make a manual of best practices, a guide so that your agents know how to handle each interaction with customers.
  • Follow up on the operations of the Call / Contact Center. How will we measure the impact of each interaction? Establish indicators that are key to your performance and keep track of each one.
  • Detection, correction and prevention of problems. Measure and improve. Measure and improve. Measure and improve. And so on.


How is service quality maintained remotely?

Working remotely has its benefits, too, and can help you maintain a stable quality of service. Having remote agents frees your company from the physical costs associated with conventional call centers. These physical locations also have a fundamental impact on this area.

By removing physical hiring barriers, the remote agent model gives your company more freedom to hire agents that align with your clients’ preferences. Clients, in addition to valuing knowledge and experience, turn to agents with particular personality types and better communication styles. In this way, we get closer to the experience that customers want, and, at the same time, these agents feel motivated to provide a better experience every time.

Having said that, a remote service helps your business lower operating expenses. So you can divert these savings to looking for higher caliber talent, as well as more valuable technology. You will invest more in the customer experience, rather than a building.

An omnichannel software for Customer service

And to execute all this that we have discussed here, you need an adequate Software with which you are able to communicate with each client.

Before choosing the software for your contact center, you should be very clear about the communication channels through which your customers interact with you in order to offer them a quick response wherever they are. Customer service agents tend to deal mostly with calls but it is increasingly common for customers to request assistance through a chat or email, social networks or instant messaging applications such as Facebook, Telegram or WhatsApp. Usually, a contact center software supports all these channels with a unified view of all interactions and without interruptions, so it is easy for customers to interact in the way that seems most appropriate at all times and without compromising the service quality.

With ICR Evolution, you will be able to serve your customers wherever they are in an effortless and uninterrupted way since we are always incorporating new functionalities to our products. For example, we have WhatsApp Business that we have no doubts that it is the cutting-edge platform for communications with your customers.


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