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Employee Experience

Key to retaining your top talent

The purpose of the Employee Experience is to ensure that employees are involved in the company and find that satisfaction so sought after in the performance of their work and engagement with the company. For this, we must work on a set of experiences to ensure that your perception and expectations are the most adjusted to your reality.

In the same way that there are no two perceptions, and no equal people, there should not be two equal companies. In this eBook we propose a series of pillars that, depending on the company and the workers, will help you design the Employee Experience that best suits the experience and perception of each of your workers.

The Employee Experience is the result of the employee’s expectations minus the perception of his current situation.

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Carlos Monserrate

What do you think is needed to achieve a good Employee Experience?

A brand with a positioning you can be proud of. Be very clear about who we want to be for the employee, get to know and understand the person in depth, build memorable experiences that are part of his/her life, so that the person identifies with the brand ... because it is part of his/her life.

Carlos Monserrate
Business Developer Director
Lidia Nicolau

What are the main benefits for the company of having a good employee experience strategy in place?

The quality of service, which translates into a better customer experience and higher quality work, which will have a positive impact on employees. With this implementation, errors are also reduced, and the costs that these usually imply.

Lidia Nicolau
People, Happiness & Culture Director