The workforce of a company is its greatest asset, since it are the employees who work day by day to achieve the objectives of the company. You know, however, that it is necessary for workers to feel satisfied so that they do their best. That is why you have to work on employee engagement and do everything that is possible to make them feel part of the company.

¿Why is employee engagement important?

We can say that, broadly speaking, that there are two types of employees. On one hand are those who speak badly of the company and are looking forward to leave the office all day. On the other hand, there are those who feel fulfilled and even speak well of the company they work for because they are comfortable in it.

Obviously, your should work hard to have more workers of this second type in your workforce. A person who feels good about what he/she does will also try harder to perform his/her tasks. Productivity will be higher and this will be shown in the results.

On the other hand, having happy workers reduces work stress and contributes to creating a better environment. This is especially important if the employee’s tasks involve direct customer relationships. It could be the case of the people in charge of answering the phone or by email.


Some ideas to boost employee engagement

1- Motivate your employees

There are leaders who limit themselves to communicating with workers when they do something wrong. Instead, they are unable to recognize a job well done and pay compliments for it. It is recommended that you have kind words with the people who work for you when you consider that they have done things well.

For example, if you think someone has successfully managed a crisis with a client, why not congratulate them?

2- Inventives for employees

Another mistake is to think that worker satisfaction depends only on having a good salary. Salary influences a lot, but it is not the only factor that determines the level of well-being of the workforce.

Other incentives may be work-life balance measures or having some flexibility in schedules. Also the possibility of teleworking or the intensive day on Fridays and in summer favor in this sense.

On the other hand, it is convenient for your workers to feel fulfilled, and a good way to achieve this is for them to be constantly learning. For this, you can offer training programs for free or at a reduced cost. In this way you will have a staff with up-to-date knowledge and satisfied with their employment situation.

3- Feedback

The ideal in a workspace is that the communication between employee and employer is fluid. You have to let the people who work for you know what you expect from them. You also have to communicate to them how they can improve and keep them up to date on the status of the projects.

On the other hand, employees must feel confident to make suggestions and questions. This way they will be more comfortable in their job, but you will also have opportunities for improvement. Think that they are in contact with areas of the company in which you do not move as much. That is why they can provide useful information.

4- Good work environment

It is not necessarily about making friends, but it is about having a good atmosphere in the workspace. There are common goals that the workforce has to meet together, and that would not be possible if the relationship is bad.

Sometimes it is convenient to hold group dynamics that help reinforce the bonds between colleagues.

Workspace: a key for employee engagement

So far we have talked about incentives, communication and relationships. However, the physical workspace also has a great impact on the mood of the employees. That is why it is very important that you take care of the details.

The first thing is to ensure that no necessary element is missing. Of course, computers, printers and other work tools must be in good condition. In addition, it is never a bad thing to have facilities that are useful for people’s day-to-day lives. We talk about coffee machines, microwaves, dining room and others.

You also have to ensure that everything is clean and tidy, but also that the environment is pleasant. For example, having natural light promotes good spirits and also reduces visual problems. Plants, paintings and other decorative elements, meanwhile, make a more friendly environment.


In short, we see that employee engagement does not depend only on salary. There are many steps you can take to help your employees feel involved with the company. It is necessary that you do it, because you have already seen that a satisfied worker is also more productive. Also, the work climate will improve if there are no unhappy employees, so it is something that affects the entire workforce.


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