Customer service in the contact center: how do self-service tools help? Digitization has brought with it an unprecedented transformation and changes in our daily lives. Changes that are so important both personally and professionally.

This is precisely when the companies in charge of providing customer service must be clever and take advantage of all the advantages of digitization to offer a good service. Especially considering that the digital age is also the age of customer experience, which has increased the demand of the services provided by a contact center.

In this sense, with increasingly demanding users and they deciding when and how to contact a company to purchase its products and services, self-service in the call centerwhich we talked about earlierbecomes essential.

Today we want to delve into this type of online support and answer several questions: what are self-service tools? How do they help improve customer service? Keep reading!

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Customer service: what are self-service tools?

As its name suggests, self-service tools are those ways of managing the relationship with customers so that they manage to resolve problems or doubts during the purchase process autonomously and independently.

Integrating these self-service tools properly has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Currently, 40% of customers  prefer self-service in the contact center against the more traditional contact of telephone calls. And you know what we always say: satisfied customers always come back (or don’t leave).

Some examples of self-service tools in a contact center are:

  • Chatbots (very frequent in social media, email and apps)
  • Website Downloads: Quality downloadable content not only makes the process easier for your users, it’s also an ideal way to provide them with useful information.
  • FAQ section
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Customer service: do these tools help improve the customer experience?

Including self-service tools in the day-to-day activities of contact center agents has many benefits, both for the agents themselves and for meeting the needs of customers. For example:

  • Reduced workload, resulting in more specialized agents
  • Lower operating costs
  • More opportunities to collect information and thus expand the customer database
  • Reduced incoming and outgoing call times
  • Higher-quality, more automated upselling and cross-selling

Customer service: why optimize self-service in the contact center?

That self-service in a contact center is very important is something that companies should be increasingly clear about and integrated into their sales strategies.

However, it is not enough just to have it integrated. It is also necessary to know how to optimize it for several reasons:

  • Optimized self-service channels means these will be more intuitive to map the customer experience journey
  • In addition to expanding a company’s database as we said before, using self-service tools in a contact center allows you to establish relevant and specific metrics
  • Data, priority in the era of customer experience. Self-service tools must be able to know (and recognize) the customer in order to personalize their experience

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