Contact center: 3 trends in social media in 2022. It was the year 1997 when what is considered the first social media channel in history was born: Do you remember it? A social media channel whose name comes from the famous “six degrees of separation theory” —yes, the one that says that we are connected to anyone in the world with just six links—.

Much has happened in these 25 years and a quarter century later we cannot conceive of our lives without some of the most important social channels, used every day by millions of users: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… However, in this post we are not talking about the social media channels themselves but about why having a social media strategy is essential in a contact center and customer service.

After the halfway point of the year, we want to take the opportunity to analyze the importance of these social media platforms when it comes to selling our products or services and what are the trends that are already here or that are coming to stay. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

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Contact center: benefits of social media for businesses

Although we will break down this point throughout the post (and it is not the main thing in the topic we are talking about today) we can summarize the benefits of social media for companies in some of the following:

  • Greater visibility of our company’s products and services
  • Possibilities of segmentation, something that avoids investments without obtaining results
  • Closeness and interaction with the audience
  • Tracking opinions and trends to understand how the market works and how companies can improve.

That said, below we will explain three trends in social media in 2022:

1. Contact center: consumer-friendly content

There are no doubts: social media are a fundamental tool for companies when developing different digital marketing strategies. And not only as an omnichannel tool, as we will see in the next point, but as a way to reach our target audience in a segmented way. Thanks to social media it is much easier to target customers (potential and current) in a much more precise way.

A large percentage of the audience does not trust brand messages alone (90%, according to some studies) and this is where many companies, aware of the importance of this data, take advantage of the full potential of social media to generate Content that engages your customers. The key in this 2022 when we talk about content creation? Reels or short videos.

2. Contact center: growth of omnichannel interaction

In line with the previous point, and when we refer to trust, omnichannel is essential to generate trust in call center users. The reason is very simple: the immediacy of social media is very important in the relationship with customers, this is clear to us; however, the greater the immediacy, the greater the risk of sending or receiving erroneous information. And this, obviously, can make potential (and even current) customers leave us.

Some data that confirm its importance are:

  • More than 150 million people send messages to companies through private messages on social media
  • 75% of them do so to receive support and ask questions
  • Social media are the preferred customer service channels for the younger generation (under 25 years old)

Therefore, we can see how they are a very powerful speaker to listen to users beyond the analytics tools and reports. And this is something that, without a doubt, companies have to take advantage of.

3. Contact center: social media and metaverse, the challenge

Not long ago we explained how, little by little, the metaverse is making its way to the benefit of the customer experience. Like many of the trends we see in 2022 (and not only when we talk about the contact center sector), the introduction of virtual reality is spearheaded by the younger generations.

The arrival of the metaverse and virtual reality has meant an evolution in social media and, therefore, in the relationship with the clients of a contact center and in their experience throughout this new “immersion journey” or Customer Journey in the metaverse. Given this, obviously, the professionals of a contact center have to be prepared to be able to offer a perfect experience also in this universe of virtual reality.

Provide the best customer service with our omnichannel software

Customer service through social media will also be a trend in the remainder of 2022. That is why it is necessary to have a good strategy to get the most out of this tool.

Interact with your customers through different social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, in a fluid and natural way thanks to our omnichannel contact center software EVOLUTION.

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