The “raison d’être” of any call center is to provide a 100% satisfactory experience to the customer -or potential customer- who comes to your company. To meet expectations and increase positive return, it is essential to know the opinion of customers regarding the service received, and implement improvements to turn mistakes or weaknesses into strengths.

Each call center is a world itself, with differences in structures, sizes, and methodologies. Even so, it is true that there are some errors that are repeated frequently, and that eliminating them is essential to offer a high-quality service.

Common call center mistakes and how to fix them

  1. Infinite waiting times
  2. Lack of strategy and methodology
  3. Agent Attrition
  4. Outdated and complex technology

1. Infinite wait times

The most common weak point of a call center is the time that the customer has to wait to get a response to their query. This is the condition that stands out the most when asked about possible improvements in customer service. Therefore, it is where more emphasis should be placed if you want to provide a positive experience for the user.

To reduce waiting times, and improve agent workflow, it is essential to use artificial intelligence tools, such as the use of automated call distribution technologies, that works as the first touch point with the customer.

In this way, it is possible to give a response without waiting, at the same time that the query is redirected to the specific department for each occasion. In addition, this strategy also avoids passing the call to another agent if it is not strictly necessary, allowing the problem to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

2. Lack of empathy with the client

The agent’s goal should always be customer satisfaction, whatever the situation is. On many occasions, the customer will go to the call center to report a problem, so the attitude will be anger or frustration.

It is essential that the team is trained to deal with these situations. Working from active listening, empathy and serenity is essential to demonstrate a sincere intention to help. Therefore, time and effort must be invested in training agents to develop their soft skills, and turn their initial frustration into satisfaction.


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3. Agent Attrition

Another weak point to improve in a call center is attrition or burnout, which has a direct impact on its ability to adequately serve customers.
Dealing with angry customers, repetitive inquiries or high call volumes make for a stressful scenario, leading to higher employee turnover.

Furthermore, most call centers do not have a career path for their employees, so the lack of growth opportunities also contributes to a loss of motivation in the team.

To reverse this situation and improve the employee experience, it is very important, first of all, to be honest and clear about the tasks to be performed and the real opportunities for growth in the company, so as not to generate false expectations.

It is also important to look for incentives that motivate the team, such as offering better salary conditions, flexible hours, carrying out teambuilding activities, participating in decision-making or offering training to improve their skills.

4. Lack of knowledge and strategy

Another of the most common mistakes in a call center is the lack of knowledge of the product or service offered, as well as the lack of an internal strategy, which affects the consistency of the response.

For this reason, it is essential to train the staff so that they know in depth all the elements related to the company. It is also vital that the call center has a clear strategy to unify processes and methodologies. In this regard, issues such as the following should be addressed:

  1. Planning of a uniform and coherent speech with the brand guidelines
  2. Distinction of the different consultation areas
  3. Preparation of a roadmap that unifies the processes for a better resolution of incidents.
  4. Implementation of customer experience measurement tools.

Remember, having an expert contact center service and a strong work methodology is essential to improve interaction with the customer and generate value that allows you to continue increasing the customer portfolio.

5. Obsolete and complex technology

Having outdated tools that do not facilitate communication between the customer and the agent is another of the most common weak points in a call center. It is important for companies to stay at the forefront of technological changes and, therefore, to invest in software exclusively designed to streamline processes in a simple, agile and automated way.

Provide the best customer service with ICR Evolution

At ICR Evolution we have a powerful omnichannel tool that will allow you to offer an optimal service to your team while facilitating the generation and assessment of processes for your company.

  • Increase First Contact Resolution
  • Reduce agent burn-out
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