Call center: the importance of the employee experience. We have already talked on many occasions about the changes that customer service is experiencing in recent times. With clients getting more and
more comfortable with self-service tools to manage their problems and incidents, the profile of call center agents turned into more complex tasks.

It is clear that offering a good customer experience is essential to boost brand value and build user loyalty. However, many companies make the mistake of focusing their entire strategy on the customer (and potential customers) and on offering (and selling) products or services to them, neglecting the true architects of their satisfaction: the employees.

That is why it is so important that companies take such good care of their workers. In this post, we want to talk about this, about the importance of the employee experience in the call center. Keep reading!

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Call center: employee experience vs “The great resignation”

Neglecting the employee experience (something we already mentioned in one of our latest posts) means that workers finally “burn out”, causing something that you may have heard a lot about lately: the Great resignation. Something that, although in Spain it is somewhat more discreet than in other countries, must be taken into account by the human resources departments of companies. In fact, the Hays Labor Market Guide 2022 shows how 77% of Spaniards would change jobs if they could and 68% of them are actively looking for a job.

If we focus on our sector, the difficulty in solving certain problems requires trained agents who feel useful in the contact center and who, therefore, want their relationship with your company to last over time.

In this sense, contact centers and call centers face several challenges: dealing with the high level of attrition and ensuring employee loyalty.

Employee engagement, what are we talking about?

Within the scope of business philosophy, the concept of employee engagement is used to describe the emotional bond that employees maintain with their company and its goals, adopting them as their own and focusing their efforts on achieving them.

This feeling of belonging is not easily achieved. For this, it is necessary to work on the companies’ side (through their human resources department) to obtain this “emotional commitment”.

Call center: employee satisfaction and loyalty, hand in hand

We know that this is very obvious. However, it seems that employers are only aware of the importance of employee satisfaction in order to “retain” them in the company when, as the saying goes, “they can see the ears of the wolf”.

That is why an employee journey map or empathy map is so necessary, which will help us to learn more about the employees of any call center and their needs and, in this way, get them motivated in their day to day activities.

In a nutshell: Satisfied contact center agents are up to three times more motivated (and able) to resolve problems on phone calls when establishing that relationship with customers. What does this mean? The higher the motivation, the higher the quality of service when they receive calls (increase in First Call Resolution regardless of the volume of calls) and lower operating cost.

Call center: employee loyalty, much more than money

Given all we saw above, it is clear that employee loyalty is not achieved solely in terms of salary. Some of the reasons, also very important, are:

  • Ability to promote internally
  • Nature/mission of the company: are you surprised? more and more agents give great importance to the mission of their organization (especially the younger generations)
  • Relationship with colleagues
  • Work flexibility (breaks, hybrid work, etc)
  • tools and technology

Omnichannel contact center software EVOLUTION

We wanted to close this article by mentioning something with which we, at ICR Evolution, know how to help you: with our omnichannel contact center software EVOLUTION you will be able to improve the day-to-day life of your agents to manage customer service in a quick and simple way.

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