How to manage your multigenerational contact center? The world changes at a very fast pace. The entry of new technologies as a communication engine has undoubtedly entailed one of the most important transformations of the modern era, modifying the way in which users live, communicate, travel and, as far as we respect, how they work or interact in the workplace (call center or contact center).

A workspace that must adapt to these needs of employees of different generations who coexist and share spaces, tools and technologies (such as adequate contact center software). Do you know how to manage your multigenerational contact center? From ICR Evolution we give you five interesting tips. Keep reading!

A contact center software to meet the needs of your multigenerational team

Understanding the needs of each generation in our contact center implies, first of all, knowing which are the different generations that coexist and interact in this “multigenerational team”:

  • Baby Boomers (1949-1968): as “digital immigrants” they need more time to internalize the new digital dynamics
  • Generation X (1969-1980): born in a time of change and easily adapt to technological and digital innovations
  • Millenials (1981-1994): understand the online and offline world as the same integrated reality
  • Generation Z / Centennials (1995-2010): the first generation of digital natives, experts in new technologies


Although, as we say, each generation demands different needs, we can encompass all of them in a new generation of consumers: the CX Generation (Customer Experience). Now we are going to list five tips for managing your multigenerational contact center:

1- Understand your contact center agents from a multigenerational perspective

A good management of your contact center needs “leaders” who know perfectly the motivations, skills and concerns of each generation. This encourages the motivation of your agents who, in addition, will contribute with their different generational values:

  • Baby Boomers: prioritize stability and safety in the workplace, in addition to preferring face-to-face communication
  • Generation X: As a “transitional” generation, they are more flexible at work than boomers and get on well with both them and millennials
  • Millenials: As they grew up hand in hand with technology, they cannot conceive of the world without it. Millennials highly value work-life balance
  • Generation Z / Centennials: 100% digital, flexible and tolerant, attaching great importance to solving problems within your contact center

2- The technological aspect, a challenge in your contact center

The evolution of society also implies changes at the technological level, and the rate of learning – as we have explained above – will be different depending on each generation. Hence the need for good omnichannel contact center software, such as ICR Evolution, to facilitate your job when managing and solving customer service tasks.

3- Be flexible with your multigenerational contact center team

Experts in team management are clear: flexibility is essential for the growth of your contact center and the achievement of objectives. Regardless of age (we have already seen that some generations prioritize this aspect more than others), all end up thanking it. Let’s be clear about it: a better work environment is always synonymous with greater commitment from our employees and, therefore, greater productivity.

4- Build multigenerational teams: unity is synonym of strength

Building teams of different age groups is always much more positive than focusing this “division” according to ages or generations. Unity is strength and diversity and the different points of view show that, although different, deep down your multigenerational team shares many aspects. The well-managed diversity of profiles in any contact center encourages creativity, productivity, engagement and problem solving.

5- Manage your multigenerational team with ICR Evolution’s contact center software

We mentioned a few lines above and we remind you now: each generation has different skills and technological needs, so our contact center must be prepared to facilitate their daily work. Do you know our contact center software? A revolutionary software whose omnichannel 360º view of each customer’s interactions will allow your agents to feel more secure and be much more productive when interacting. Request a demo!


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