Having a Call Center in a company has a significant impact on its success. A well designed and executed Call Center improves both customer satisfaction, as well as the effectiveness within the team and the projected image of the company towards potential customers. One of the keys to having a successful call center is knowing how to understand and properly use data and statistics in order to evaluate efficiency both externally and internally. With proper data analysis, it is possible to identify strengths and weaknesses, make informed decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

Importance of statistical analysis in a call center

In the call center industry, having metrics is essential, especially when the team is spread across different locations and time zones. Collecting metrics will give you a holistic view of agent performance and how agents handle calls and interact with customers. With this information you will be able to identify the different areas for improvement and make informed decisions on how to optimize the strategy and improve productivity.

In addition, the statistics and data also provide you with a deeper understanding of the satisfaction of customers and potential customers. This is crucial to maintain a good relationship with them and implement better strategies that increase loyalty and guarantee an excellent experience.

Therefore, having tools and technologies developed specifically to measure these results is essential for success. At ICR Evolution we have developed a powerful tool with which you have easy access to all the information necessary to monitor your call center operations and make the necessary adjustments to maintain excellent service levels. Find out more here!

How to analyze statistics to achieve success in your call center

Statistics relevance

The relevance of statistics in a Call Center lies in the fact that they allow Call Center managers to know the performance of their team and make informed decisions to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. The statistics also allow you to identify patterns and trends in calls and problems that need to be addressed.

Types of statistics

There are several types of statistics that can be used in a Call Center, such as abandon rate, average call duration, firts call resolution rate, and customer satisfaction. It is important to know and monitor these key indicators to achieve the success in a Call Center. Find out more in this post.

Statistics management tools

Statistics management tools are essential to help your team control and analyze metrics efficiently and automatically. Invest in software that includes call tracking, data analysis, and interactive dashboards to get the big picture and take action to improve performance.

Tips to achieve success in your call center with statistics analysis

  1. Monitor call quality: Call quality is a key indicator of efficiency and customer satisfaction. It is important to monitor call duration, abandon rate and problem resolution rate to identify areas for improvement.
  2. Analyze agent performance: Statistics can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of Call Center agents. For example, problem resolution rate, abandon rate, and average call duration can be analyzed to identify the most efficient agents and take steps to improve the performance of others.
  3. Identify call patterns: By analyzing call patterns, you can identify the most common problems and take steps to solve them more efficiently. In addition, you can identify the times of the day when you receive most of the calls and adjust your staffing accordingly.
  4. Take steps to improve: Once areas for improvement have been identified, it is important to take steps to address them. This may include training agents, implementing new processes, or acquiring new technology.

Analyze the statistics of your call center effectively to ensure success in your company

At ICR Evolution we make it easy for you! Thanks to our call center software, you will have easy access to the information you need to monitor daily operations and make the necessary adjustments to maintain your service levels.

Real time monitoring

  • EVOLUTION provides you with real-time and historical information.
  • Measure the performance of your agents and your campaigns and solve difficulties at the same time.
  • Monitor your contact center, manage your agents and queues, and react quickly to unexpected situations.


  • EVOLUTION reporting includes a wide variety of customizable reports that can be filtered by fields as diverse as services, agents, dates, etc.
  • More than 70 standard reports will help you better understand what is happening in your contact center.
  • You can also take advantage of our reports to generate your own and have an even more complete vision.


  • Your supervisors and managers will be able to design and share their own fully web dashboards in the way that best suits them.
  • Set your own alarms and see in real time those indicators that you consider most important so that you don’t miss anything.


Request a demo and discover the features that EVOLUTION can offer you!

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