Case Studies

Success Story BankVision

BankVision is a solution provider for financial services entities and uses ICR Evolution to provide call center services to Banco Agrario de Colombia, which is a public bank service for agricultural businesses in Colombia.


BankVision appointed ICR Evolution as their provider because the solution is well suited to their client’s need and they offer support.

The advisors in the contact center are highly qualified and offer a real interaction with customers, as opposed to simply reading from a script


BankVision chose Solyred as one of ICR Evolution’s certified local partners to conduct the implementation.

The integration was painless and in spite of the distance, ICR and BankVision have developed a close relationship aimed at adapting specific processes such as a verification call for loan requests.

The system is hosted in a datacenter and interfaces directly with the loan request system. Services are executed over virtual machines in a single physical server, with no performance issues and with optimal response times.

The scripts were developed on directly on the loan request platform.