You’ve heard about the concept of Customer Journey, yet maybe you haven’t fully grasped its importance to the success of your business? Read on to get a better understanding of the power of this map, how to build it and apply it to the core areas of your organization.

What does Customer Journey mean?

It’s a visual tool aimed at having a single view of the customer experience across all the touch points of a brand, product or service. A customer journey is no longer linear and there may be overlapping points, but the aim remains the same: understand what your customers are doing, feeling and saying and identifying moments of truth that can make or break their experience.

A Customer Journey map is the ideal tool to detect pain points and design solutions to address them, whilst maintaining an end-to-end approach.

Designing an efficient map starts with identifying your audience and its touch points. As we said, there will be multiple touch points and decision trees and this is definitely influenced by who the customer is and what their preferences are. So it’s a good idea to segment your audience as journeys will vary according to their motivations.

The map is a resource that can be used by any type of business, regardless of who their customers are or which industry they operate in. There are tons of models on the internet and in fact, no two maps are the same. The one common denominator is the need to achieve more satisfactory experiences.

Start building your Customer Journey map

Without proper guidance, collating the different touch points into a map is not exactly a fun task and you can be doing it forever instead of acting upon your findings.

Which is why we’ve developed a guide to creating the Customer Journey Map of your business, which you can download completely free and no strings attached.

customer journey

In this eBook, you’ll find a more extensive explanation of what the customer journey is and how to properly build it. We’ve also included a template to help you get started and a few stories from our partners and customers. It’s totally free, go ahead!

Essentially, building a customer journey map is just another business analysis, except you’re doing it from a customer point of view. You’ll be looking at their needs, emotions, steps and objectives and evaluating their quality, to guide you make decisions with the customer at the heart of everything you do.

Does it actually work?

The short answer is yes. But don’t just take our word for it! Hawkers, Sabadell Bank and Canal de Isabel II are three organizations that have shared their experience with us in our free e-book. They tell us about the issues they identified and how understanding their customers’ journey helped them improve the overall experience and business performance. We’ve also asked Juan Carlos Alcaide, a field expert in Marketing Services, to give us some additional tips to check how your customer journey is performing.


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