With dozens of different solutions available on the market, choosing the right software for your contact center can be a real obstacle course.

In this short article we clarify which are the functionalities that you have to look for in a software to make a good decision.


Check which are the essential features of a good software for your Contact Center in 5 steps:

  • Check which communication channels are supported by the solution. If you are going to offer more options in the future, you need software that allows you to easily integrate new channels, such as social media.
  • The software you choose has to be able to automatically distribute calls and route them intelligently, based on business criteria.
  • It would be a perfect match if the sorftware has an interactive server with self-service and flexibility of integration with your CRM system.
  • It is essential that the solution allows you to measure quality and performance.
  • If you are going to do outbound campaigns, choose software with several types of dialing, to boost the productivity of your agents.


Our software EVOLUTION includes all of these features and more. Check them out here.


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