It is extremely necessary to remember how important the relationship with the client is in a company, especially if you are responsible for a Call or Contact Center, since it will be you who will lead the different agents to create strong and lasting relationships with clients. In this article we are going to talk about some of the most relevant customer relationship strategies to achieve the satisfaction of each person who requires the help of a customer service or support team.

7 customer relationship strategies

1. Make your agents empathize with customers and their problems

2. Analyze complaints and get the most out of them

3. Direct your product or service to the right audience

4. Never lose contact with customers

5. Embrace inbound

6. Work agent errors

7. A happy customer is the best marketing strategy

Read on and discover each of the strategies and how to use them!

1. Make your agents empathize with customers and their problems

When an agent takes a call, it is very important to understand that, even if they must follow a call script or customer relationship model depending on the company you work for, the tone of voice and the rhythm of the conversation should feel really natural. If it is done in this way, each client that your agents attend will have the feeling of talking to someone who really listens to them and is ready to attend her needs 100%. If, on the other hand, her voices are perceived as a machine, callers will tend to hang up immediately after feeling frustrated.

On the other hand, agents must have an attitude of interest towards the problem that the clients are presenting. If they are passive, it is most likely that customers will notice it and it is very possible that, even if the problem is solved, they will not be satisfied.

Take this advice into account. Consider it a golden rule, and make your agents aware that they must always empathize. Have your agents maintain confidence in handling each case and you will have a thriving client relationship that will benefit both parties. Our EVOLUTION software fallows call and contact center agents to have a complete vision of clients in the different channels (voice, e-mail, chat, social media… ). This allows us to assign the perfect agent for each customer contact, while allowing agents to work in a channel in which both feel more comfortable and thus achieve greater empathy.

2. Analyze complaints and get the most out of them

When customers call a call center, they do so, in general, because they have a question or complaint about an issue or product. In such cases, a good call center manager should analyze these negative complaints to draw conclusions and take action. In this way, they will cease to be a weakness and will become an opportunity for the company to improve its product or service. What’s more, it is better to have an angry customer that complains than a one that keeps quiet! In the end, companies seek to improve and what a better way to do it than by listening to your customers to know at what level of the business you are failing.

It is better to have an angry customer that complains than a one that keeps quiet!

3. Direct your product or service to the right audience

Assuming that you know the product and service you offer better than anyone else, you should also know in detail who may be interested in it. This should be one of the main strategic concerns in a contact / call center. To do this, you must analyze very well who your current customers are, who your potential customers are and which is the best way to contact them.

Random calls should be avoided at all costs, as they will only lead to overwork, with very little benefit. You must become the best researcher, and consequently, you will become one of the best sources of clients for the business. If you perform a good analysis and segmentation of the available databases, you will be able to achieve a stable and fluid customer relationship more easily. Trial and error will help you a lot with this work until you find the ideal segmentation, and with EVOLUTION you will be able to find your audience in the most effective way possible. Do you want to connect with a younger audience? Also, with EVOLUTION you will be able to communicate with your ideal client through WhatsApp, Telegram and social media. Everything in the same software.

4. Never lose contact with customers

One of the most important points in customer relationships is the fluid and constant communication that exists after the first contacts. That is, you must maintain a relationship with the client through newsletters, messages on social media, SMS, calls and other communication actions, so that your relationship does not get cold. But be careful! Do not bombard them with commercial information since it is very likely that they will get tired and do not want to know anything else about the company.

Important: most consumers believe that online and mobile services tend to be more seamless, so that’s where you need to emphasize. Streamline relationships, solve problems and doubts of your clients quickly and effectively and you will generate good satisfaction, which facilitates a healthy and prosperous relationship with clients.

With ICR Evolution you can achieve a much closer and multi-channel relationship with customers. Thanks to our software you will not lose a single touch point with the customer; from the most conventional calls, to webchat. You will be able to cover all possible communication channels and keep contact with the client wherever they are.

5. Embrace inbound

One of the factors that facilitate a good relationship with the client is the recruitment process. If a client is captured through inbound marketing, the relationship is more likely to be easier to establish, since it is the client who has been interested and has come or called your company for information. The ideal scenario is to be able to capture not only those people you contact, but also that they allow you to get more potential customers by word of mouth.

If in the call center you have workers specialized in getting clients, then remind them of the principles of inbound marketing and their customer relationship strategies. Show them the importance of studying the product or service that your company offers in detail, and  this way, they will design strategies that allow you to offer a more effective customer relationship model.

This is very important for those who work as call center agents. If you have doubts about what you are really offering, it is very important that you study it in deep first.


customer journey

6. Work on your agents mistakes

You learn from every mistake. Record the mistakes that your agents make, analyze how they have corrected it -if they have done it- and teach them the most effective way to act in such cases, and above all, explain to them when and which was the mistake, if you have not done it yet. In this way, in future occasions they will follow your advice and improve your company’s customer relationship strategies.

This will allow you to develop a customer relationship model, and increase good results. Yes, we know that nobody is perfect, but practice makes perfect, especially in jobs as merely important and meaningful as what is customer relationship. Our software EVOLUTION includes feedback management functionalities, which make it possible to measure customer satisfaction in real time, both for the entire contact center team and for each agent.

It is important not to focus only on the negative points, and to carry out continuous training to your agents so that those errors will not become annoyances, but rather opportunities to develop new advantages. Don’t forget: no call center employee is capable of perfectly handling any case, without going through some difficult moments first.

7. A happy customer is the best marketing strategy

As we have said before, it all comes down to customer happiness. A satisfied customer is more likely to recommend your service, which will possibly generate new customers and improve the quality indicators of your contact center.

So, dedicate yourself to strengthening the relationship with the client in a company, always understanding the objective and the importance of it. Only then will you be able to see what is the true advantage of the entire operational chain of your department, and why it is so vital to make it work optimally. When your agents are able to handle each case in the correct way, clients will talk about your company in the best way.

And you know what? Agents are the face of the business to your clients. When they make a call, they do not make it thinking of a person, but of a brand, a company, and the result of this contact with your agents can change their perception of it.


To sum up, all these customer relationship strategies must be taken as principles for each employee of the company. You don’t need machines; you need individuals who feel that they belong to your company and who care about creating the best relationship with the customer.

In the long run, transforming your company into a system of people who are aware and concerned about improving customer service will establish excellent branding.


If your customers are satisfied with your customer service, few things will be able to stop you from achieving your goal.


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