We all know the importance of “big data” and how large amounts of data and its subsequent analysis help us obtain relevant information about almost anything. But are we able to process and understand such a flood of data? Here is where data visualization tools will help us understand what is actually happening and how are we going to improve the CX of our business.

Data analysis

A correct data analysis strategy is essential to address certain difficulties that may appear between companies and their customers. Meeting customer expectations, being where they are, and providing excellent support are easy decisions to make when we know how to interpret data in the right direction. Customer data is a gold mine for the company and can help increase sales, improve the performance of marketing campaigns and establish support strategies.

What is data visualization?

At this point, we could ask ourselves what is data visualization. Well, as its name suggests, it is nothing more than the use of images as graphics to visually convey the meaning of a large volume of data. Overall, creating dashboards and charts are an excellent tool for understanding data, recognizing patterns, new trends, and communicating that information to the entire organization.

When it comes to the customer experience, if you track every interaction, for example, you are generating invaluable data capable of providing a greater understanding of their behavior. Individual customer interactions, analyzed separately, may not reflect highly relevant information, but viewing them all together can illustrate how customers choose to interact with our business and how that is evolving over time.

How to apply it to the Contact Center and improve CX?

Regarding Contact Center operation and how data visualization can also help our agents, we see that making the data of the main KPIs visible can help them meet their objectives, streamline their tasks and take into account key metrics. This is possible when interaction data such as Satisfaction Rating (SR), First Contact Resolution Rating (FCR), or Time to Resolution (TTR), are displayed on intuitive and eye-catching dashboards.

In short, with easily understandable charts, customer service team can identify trends and project future results in a much more agile and dynamic way.


If you need to see in a more intuitive way the data of the operation of your contact center or the customer journey, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you!


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