An omnichannel contact center offers more than just communication with the customer. It is a great tool to generate a memorable experience and reinforce brand loyalty. This new approach allows you to integrate robust and seamless communication, regardless of the method or device the user chooses to communicate with the business.

Thus, it allows users to effortlessly transition from chat to email without missing a beat. In addition, it is an advantage for customer service agents, since it allows access to customer information and historical interactions in a single space.

Do you want to take advantage of the integration of an omnichannel software? Find are the top 9 tips to help you supercharge your contact center and ensure an extraordinary user experience.

9 tips for setting up an exemplary contact center

Identify the main communication channels

The goal of any omnichannel contact center is to offer customers multiple communication channels to connect with agents. It is normal for them to have a certain predilection for one or the other depending on the type of client the company is targeting.

Therefore, it is essential to use both the customer journey and the company’s historical data. Thus, identifying which communication channels customers prefer, how they feel about the brand and even discovering areas for improvement to boost loyalty.

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You may be devoting too many agents to phone support while live chat support is the most popular option. For this reason, you must remember that better organizing agents based on demand will guarantee better optimization of your contact center and help you retain customers.

Improve self-service options

Self-service options are part of any omnichannel strategy, as it brings numerous benefits to both the user and support team members. The fact that users can resolve their concerns on their own also proofs that the company knows the customer. Anticipating potential issues improves your experience with the brand.

Likewise, providing self-service options facilitates the resolution of urgent problems or those that require a professional for less relevant requests. Thus, providing a resolution adapted to each need.

Whether you provide self-service options through an interactive IVR menu on the phone, chatbots on the website, or even a database of FAQs or video tutorials, increasing customer satisfaction will go a long way.

Use social media

Customer service on social media is growing. More than half of consumers rely on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get answers to their queries.

However, the channels are also where there is less involvement on the part of the company. Consumer requests often go unnoticed or may go to the wrong department, such as marketing.

It must be taken into account that social media channels are a powerful and essential tool in any omnichannel contact center. They facilitate the attention of more than one query simultaneously, while being comfortable and fast for both the user and the agent. Also, if used correctly, they can project a better image and brand reputation.

Therefore, make sure to integrate social media in the same space, so that no request is lost and to provide a fast and efficient resolution.

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Deliver a consistent experience across all channels

It is important that consumers are provided with a consistent experience across each and every communication channel. Customers must be able to recognize that they are in the right place, feel familiar with the interface, and understand how to access what they need at all times.

Therefore, both the design of the page and the language or tone used must be the same. You should also implement these decisions into your contact center’s self-service or AI options, and test to ensure the experience is consistent and works across devices.

Programa informes automáticos sobre el comportamiento de los clientes y los agentes

Omnichannel contact centers provide a wide variety of pre-built and customizable reports and analytics, both real-time and historical, use them!

It’s important to consider key KPIs: average wait time, first call resolution rate, call duration, customer churn rate, and satisfaction ratings. With them, you will have a 360 vision of the efficiency and quality of the customer service offered by your contact center.

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With these metrics at your fingertips, you will be able to know which agents may need more training, the areas in which resources are lacking, the productivity levels of team members or the degree of customer satisfaction with the service provided. And thus, implement the actions that best fit each situation to generate greater performance.

Improve the internal knowledge base in your contact center

Maintaining continuous training among employees is one of the fundamental pillars for obtaining good results in any company in any sector, in addition to favoring a better employee experience and reducing team burn-out. In addition, fostering synergies between departments and members is another good practice to generate greater group knowledge. Therefore, it is essential to have internal documents that are useful to guide and keep your contact center agents up to date.

Having a quality internal knowledge base helps maintain consistency in the discourse. Also, in many cases, it eliminates the need to transfer calls to other agents or departments. It also means that if call volume is unexpectedly high, agents in other departments can access the necessary scripts/steps to help customers with basic issues.

Use artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to improve security

We’ve talked about the importance of offering self-service options before, and AI is one of the best ways to do that. In addition to the integration of dial modes or chatbots, the use of automated AI tools also helps with consumer and fraud protection by automatically closing access to accounts with suspicious behavior.

CRM integration for your omnichannel software

A strong CRM integration allows your team to access customer history, contact information, past orders, and even notes from past agent interactions. Considering the variety of channels through which the customer can be directed to the contact center, a unified and synchronized conversation history is essential to avoid users having to repeat their problems with several agents.

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Apply predictive analytics

The predictive analysis or customer journey map identifies the modifications and the path that users take throughout their purchase process, and that affect the acquisition of the product or service that the company offers. These data must be collected and analyzed beforehand to understand consumer needs and anticipate their purchase decision.

In this way, the causes or situations in which users are likely to lose interest can be identified. And also react quickly to improve the user experience and generate higher conversion.

Use our software EVOLUTION in your Omnichannel Contact Center

Now you know the best practices to set up an omnichannel contact center and generate the impact you need. However, all you need to know is the most innovative technology on the market for this: our software EVOLUTION.

At ICR Evolution we have a powerful omnichannel tool that will allow you to keep all channels integrated on the same platform. As well as offer an optimal service to your team and generate the necessary metrics to improve the processes for your company. Request a demo and discover how we can help you!

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