In a system where the digital world is systematically integrated into all a company’s processes, it is important not to forget the presence and value of maintaining the balance with the physical world. That is, to be phygital.

Promoting quality customer service is essential for any company, whether it is through an online or offline channel.

Nonetheless, incorporating a phygital strategy multiplies the tools, functionalities and facilities for your agents, allowing you to provide a much more satisfying customer experience.

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4 benefits of having a phygital strategy in your call center

  1. Boost the acquisition of new customers
  2. Foster a responsive relationship
  3. Allows you to respond efficiently
  4. Offer a complete experience that makes a difference


Read on and discover each of the strategies and how to use them!

1. Phygital strategy: Boosts the acquisition of new clients

Increasing the number of communication channels of a company is a good strategy to make ourselves visible to a greater number of users likely to become potential customers of the brand. Still, creating a satisfying consumer experience doesn’t just depend on the number of channels you have at your disposal. It depends on the ability and agility to answer questions of the customer service agent.

For this reason, it is essential that the team of your company or call center have all the channels integrated into the same space in a simple, clear and orderly way. Our EVOLUTION omnichannel software makes it easy to integrate channels and allows you to manage customer service in the most efficient way for your business.


2. Phygital strategy: Fosters a responsive relationship

Adding new contact channels also encourages fluid and responsive communication. Integrating tools and functionalities from the online world provides an immediate response, which directly influences customer satisfaction.

In addition, by integrating channels such as social media into the communication strategy of a company, allows establishing a much closer and more personalized relationship with the user, and helps create a better relationship and community. In the same way, we also recommend applying the knowledge that we have acquired in so many years studying the offline world, such as careful tone, empathy and precision in responses, in order to get the maximum out of our time and that of the client.


3. Phygital strategy: allows to respond efficiently

Clients should never struggle to find answers to their questions, or solutions to their problems. When they do, points of friction appear that generate dissatisfaction. To prevent this from happening, it is important to provide self-service options for times of the day when other channels are not active or busy.

Self-service options, such as FAQs or chatbots, allow you to independently provide answers to customers. In addition to being a support to improve the user experience, they are also a good strategy to screen messages and reduce the number of calls to be answered by the call center.

4. Phygital strategy: offers a complete experience that makes a difference

Putting together the best of the online world with the physical world is the key to generating a complete omnichannel experience. It is important to define a previous strategy to identify which channels are going to be used and how, in order to develop a coherent and unified roadmap.

Physical interaction continues to be a very important, so quality customer service is essential. Likewise, if you add the advantages offered by the online world, such as the immediacy of interaction, it creates a much more complete experience for the user.

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Use our omnichannel software EVOLUTION in your Contact Center to unite the on and off worlds

Now you know the importance of keeping an eye on both physical and digital customer service. You only need to incorporate the most complete omnichannel tool on the market: our software EVOLUTION. Keep the channels integrated in a single platform and facilitate the daily life of your agents with just one click.

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