Our omnichannel software EVOLUTION offers functionalities that allow greater customization, enabling a positive impact on the productivity of the Contact Center.

The goal is to facilitate the daily job of the agents, carrying out tasks in a much simpler, safer and faster way. One of these functionalities is the automatic validation of the calls in the Robinson List.

What is it and what is it for

The Robinson List is a tool of the AEPD (Spanish Data Protection Agency) that collects the contact details of people who do not wish to receive commercial information. That is, the email addresses, postal code or phone numbers in which they do not wish to receive spam or advertising.

It is important to take into account that the members that belong to these lists can report the companies that do not take them into consideration, so it is important from the contact center to have direct access to the database of each potential client to know if it accepts or not our promotional material.

Validate if the phone is in the Robinson list by querying WebService

Just before dialing a certain phone, the EVOLUTION system consults an external WS that can indicate whether to continue dialing that telephone or whether it should be considered invalid for any reason determined by its logic.

The information that EVOLUTION reports through an HTTP POST request to the WebService will be a JSON that has this form:

Lista robinson










And it will return a response like the following one:






Thus, the call will only progress if the phone is considered valid, and if the call is a dialer and the phone has been invalid (or an error has been obtained in its query), the end that has been established (ResolutionCode) will be noted.

In order to integrate this functionality, the web service that is called must be developed by the client or technological partner.

The solution you need for your successful contact center

The advantage of this solution is that it is a service open to any provider on the Robinson List. In addition, it has different benefits for a contact center. For example, if you uploaded a phone number in your collection campaign to try to recover a debt, you can check at the time of calling if the customer has already settled their debt using this service to request information from your web service and thus cancel the realization of the call, thus improving the quality of your service and saving agent management time.

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