Whether you are in charge of a contact center, or if you are thinking of starting your own, and you want to carry out outbound campaigns, it is very likely that you have heard of dialers and their many features. But what exactly are they and how do they work? In this post, we explain everything you need to know about dialers and how they can help you maximize the results of your outbound campaigns.

What is a dialer and how does it work?

A contact center is designed to provide information to customers and leads, whether it is to promote new products or services, track purchases, answer questions and complaints, or remind upcoming appointments. In any of these cases, it’s extremely important that agents don’t waste time dialing the phone only to get an unanswered call, busy line, or voicemail

This is where the use of dialing modes becomes vitally important. A dialer is an automatic dialing feature of contact center software that allows you to make calls efficiently and much more productively. The main objective is to automate the dialing process so that agents can focus on other tasks that require more involvement, such as talking to customers and closing sales. Agents don’t waste time dialing the phone only to get an unanswered call, busy line or voicemail, increasing team productivity and reducing costs.

Dialers: What dialing mode does my outbound campaign need? 

There are different types of dialers that offer special advantages adapted to each need. Whether you need to optimize productivity, seek faster operations, manage higher call volume or reduce costs, there is a dialer designed for every occasion.

Remember that in order to choose the best dialer for your campaign, it is important to take into account the added functionalities offered by the software. Choose options that allow further system customization, such as integrating call validation into the Robinson List. It is a fundamental tool to improve productivity and results in the contact center.


Predictive dialer 

Predictive dialer is one of the most popular and is used to predict when an agent will be available to take a call. In this way, the dialer can dial several phone numbers at the same time, and connect only the calls that will be answered by an agent at the right time. Therefore, the contact ratios of the agents and the productivity of the center are drastically increased, since it allows them to spend less time dialing telephone numbers and more time answering the calls themselves.

Progressive dialer

Progressive dialer is similar to predictive dialer, but instead of dialing multiple numbers at the same time, the dialer only dials one number per agent at a time. When the agent finishes a call, the dialer will automatically dial another number, ensuring that the agent always has a call to take. This tool is ideal for managing outbound campaigns with high-quality call lists and is ideal for contact centers with a smaller team of agents as it ensures equal distribution of calls.

Preview dialer

In this case, the dialer displays customer information before the connection is established, allowing the agent to review contact information, call history, previous notes, and other relevant information before placing the call. This is especially useful for companies that are dedicated to sales and need to have a clear idea of the customer profile before contacting the lead. The preview dial time is slower than predictive and progressive dialers, but it is a very useful tool for delivering higher quality interactions.


Finally, agentless mode, which is ideal for companies that offer automatic response services. In this case, the dialer automatically calls customers and directs them to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, where the customer can select different options based on their needs. This is ideal for companies that receive a lot of calls with frequently asked questions or that need to run automated surveys. In addition, it is a solution that allows you to reduce costs, since it allows you to automate outgoing calls with the implementation of messages that do not require agents, but allowing the interaction with the customer in case they require it.

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Benefits of using a Dialer in your outbound campaign

Increase productivity

One of the main advantages of using automatic dialing technologies in outbound campaigns is the increase in agent productivity. The agent only has to focus on what is really important, answering the call correctly.

Improves dialing accuracy

Another benefit of using dialing methods is the improved accuracy, ie: the removal of phones that are out of service or no longer valid. This reduces agent frustration and unnecessary waste of time. In addition, as already mentioned, there are dialers that allow calls to be made automatically at the most opportune moment, which increases the possibilities of contact with the customer.

Increases efficiency in the dialing process

Having a powerful dialing tool is essential to multiply the effectiveness of the Contact Center. Being able to perform several tasks at the same time, such as dialing and recording calls or automatically sending messages when finished, allows constant communication with the customer or lead and better optimization of the agent’s work.

Improve call quality

Dialers are also essential to offer quality calls with customers or potential customers. Modes like preview dialing provide all the necessary information about the customer before the agent contacts them, allowing them to be prepared for the conversation. In addition, many people use the function of recording the call, a useful technique to review the process and implement improvements. 

Increase campaign results

Finally, having dialing algorithms is essential if you want to increase the results of your outbound campaign. As we have mentioned before, Dialers increase the productivity of your agents, which means that they can handle more calls in less time. Additionally, Dialers can remove invalid phone numbers and automatically call at the right time, increasing the chances that the customer will answer. All of this, can lead to an increase in sales and an improvement in the profitability of your contact center.

How to choose the best Dialer for your company

Now that you know the benefits that a dialer can offer to your company, it is important to know how to choose the one that best suits your needs. You must take into account several factors, such as the expected sales, the objectives of the outbound campaign and the integration with other systems. Find here are some tips that will help you with your choice. 

Number of calls

The number of calls that your contact center handles is an important factor to consider when choosing one dialing mode or another. If you’re a small business, you may not need a full-featured dialer. You could opt for an agentless option, with which you can answer all calls without needing a large team or many resources. On the other hand, if your company handles a high number of interactions, it is better to opt for a more advanced mode, adapted to the capabilities and characteristics of your center.

Outbound campaign goals

Outbound campaign objectives are another factor to consider when choosing a dialing mode. If your goal is simply to dial a large number of phone numbers, then a predictive dialer is the best option for you. If instead you prefer to have more control over the marking process, then both the progressive option and the preview are the most suitable.  

Integration with other systems

Integration with other systems is an important factor to consider if you already have other platforms in your company. For example, if you use a CRM system, it’s important to choose a dialer that integrates with it so that you can access your customer information and track your calls much more effectively. With EVOLUTION you will be able to guarantee the connectivity of all your systems on the same platform to maximize the productivity of all your operations.

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Increase your sales using the different dialing technologies available with EVOLUTION

Get ahead with the most powerful outbound dialing algorithm you’ve ever seen. EVOLUTION supports different types of dialing to help you maximize sales time. Whether your sales team is B2B, B2C, high volume, low volume, or highly automated, the Evolution Dialer solution can help you empower your agents and complete more sales. Do you want to know more? Contact us or request a demo!

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