Middle managers have a fundamental role in our teams. Companies currently seek the help of a manager or team manager with the key skills to empower, motivate and optimize the work of their agents. They know that having a team like this leads to better objectives and greater growth for the company.

The old role of a manager focused only on meeting objectives and tasks has become obsolete, and that unilateral profile is no longer sought. For this reason, nowadays, to be a good manager, the first step is to know your team; What do you think? what do they hear? What are your goals and inspirations?

Knowing your team in depth is important because if you know all these aspects, it means that you have a team with open communication beyond the professional area and in this way you can help them grow within the company and feel comfortable, as well to retain talent. What skills should a middle manager have to improve communication and dynamics with the team?

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Key skills of a good manager

Intelligence and Emotional Management

Having a leader who has the ability to manage and control not only his/her feelings, but also those of the team, means that he/she knows how to manage and deal with the different situations that occur in a work environment. We all face stressful situations or misunderstandings in our daily lives, which is why a leader who has the ability to transmit a positive and cooperative state of mind to the team helps to achieve success.

In addition, it helps to forge a better relationship between all the members of the team and to know how to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts and express feelings.


Having good feedback with your team is important in order to have good communication with the people who make it up. This constant feedback must be a priority, because it not only ensures that we have information about the results and objectives of the daily activity, but also provides us with an easy way to connect personally.

As a manager you must ensure that you keep open and continuous feedback, easy communication from every  channel available to your team. Because this helps to strengthen relationships and even allows us to correct attitudes or procedures in advance, resolving them without ending up generating larger problems in the organization or among employees.

This feedback can also help us retain talent, because when there is good communication, employees will find themselves in a safe environment to expose their problems or even their initiative to grow within the company.


Knowing how to motivate your team helps to achieve greater productivity and even create new initiatives and projects. This point is not easy, since it is necessary to direct all the components of your team towards the same objectives, as well as making sure to promote a good working environment, because only in a comfortable and friendly environment is it possible to achieve maximum performance of your staff.

Many companies are currently using personality tests in the recruitment phase. With these tests, what you make sure is that the new employee will be compatible with your team and that it effectively fits with the values and objectives that you have.

To motivate your team, you need to act on personal factors, either congratulating your employee for good work or allowing teleworking when there is a family emergency. As well as the motivation caused by extreme factors, such as organizing a meal with your team or having a coffee.

Positive attitude

Maintain a positive attitude, if the manager is able to convey this feeling to the entire team, problems that may arise at work will be dealt with in a much more productive and constructive way.

Of course, this is difficult because nothing happens easily. But maintaining a positive attitude is reflected and transmitted to your team, making moments of crisis last less and enabling better work experiences. This can be achieved with small gestures, going to work with enthusiasm and motivation helps build a positive attitude in your team.


How ICR Evolution can help you?

In addition to working on key skills and building a positive work climate for the team, a manager must also invest in tools capable of facilitating and optimizing the work of their agents. At ICR Evolution we have a powerful omnichannel software that will allow you to offer optimal service to your team while facilitating the generation and assessment of processes for your company.

Provide the best customer service with ICR Evolution’s omnichannel contact center software.

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