Customer Service

The best omnichannel software for customer care

Increase First Contact Resolution with scripting tools and templates that allow your team to align and respond as one.


Give the best service to every customer using the ICR Evolution platform. Our intuitive features let your agents focus on offering memorable customer experience and forget about complicated systems.

Gabi Navarro
CEO of ICR Evolution

First Time Fix

Reduce propensity to contact and increase your First Contact Resolution rate with our scripting and template features, allowing you to provide unified communications.

Our software is so easy to use that it will not only reduce agent burn-out but also free up more time to focus on full customer assessment, preventing repeat contacts.

A seamless, personalised and uninterrupted customer service experience, when a customer is chatting with a CSR.”

Alberto García – Chief Director of Ilunion

Exceed customer expectations

Seamless cross-channel interactions are noticed by customers. Reduced waiting times, self-service options, easy authentication and email templates are amongst many features available in EVOLUTION to help you create an effortless experience.
Your customers reach available agents faster, via their preferred channel, without having to repeat who they are or why they’re contacting you.

With EVOLUTION software we are dedicated to developing and improving our customer service and advice systems. Everything else is left to TrueIt and ICR Evolution.”

Daniel Pérez – COO of

Make quality of service the reason your business stands out

A large number of people declare they would pay more for a better service and quality of their experience when it comes to selecting a brand or product.

However, there are still very few businesses that are taking a real customer-centric approach in how they operate. In fact, a majority still do not consider customer experience as a strategic factor. This is your opportunity for your business to shine against your competitors!

With ICR Evolution, you will be recognized for your quality of service and how you make it easy for your customer to do business with you.

ICR Evolution software allows seamless integration with most applications.”

Jorge Luís Lorenzo – Patient Relationships Director, HM Hospitales

Make the Contact Center a leader of your business

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