Why use a dialer in your call center? Day to day in a call center is hectic and customer service varies depending on its needs: cold calls to generate leads or potential customers, keep track of current ones, perform different actions to recover lost customers or study the market to perform different actions.

Although it is true that in the past companies offered call center services through manual dialing, this process was tedious and involved an enormous spending of time and effort on the agents – directly affecting their motivation and possible states of agent burnout. A time that in the call center was used more in dialing and calling than in customer service itself. And not to mention the time lost with calls waiting, without answer or with numbers that don’t communicate.

Taking all of the above into account, it is clear that call centers need to have a telephone dialing program that facilitates the task of agents and allows them to offer optimal service to users. That is why it is so important to have a call center software that has a dialer or multiple dialing modes integrated.

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What is a dialer?

Dialers are programs that allow call centers to automate all of their outgoing calls. They are mainly used by those agents who have to deal with a high volume of calls.

An automatic dialing software allows them to save time and, in addition, increases the intervention time of the agents to serve users and offer products and services in an appropriate and effective way.

Which are the advantages of having a dialer in your call center?

A call center software with an integrated dialer offers numerous advantages when managing the different customer service actions:

  • Contact more (and sell more)
  • Assign the most suitable agents for your best clients, aligning the profile of each lead with the most informed agent
  • Minimize call drops, dialing errors, and long wait times
  • Improve the conversion rate, adapting your conversation through the advanced information that the system provides to the software
  • Increase the conversion of leads, providing the agent with customer information with the telephone connection in progress


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How can our ICR Evolution call center software help you?

Our call center software EVOLUTION includes a dialer with multiple dialing modes so that your agents can immediately call the most interested leads just when they want to be contacted, increasing their productivity and motivation. These dialing modes are:

Predictive dialing

Our call center software includes predictive algorithms that adjust the automatic dialing so that our agents talk to users for as long as possible.

Progressive dialing

Automated outbound dialing avoids wastage as EVOLUTION detects dead calls and categorizes numbers to be dialed again later, based on your configuration.

Preview dialer

Are you preparing a campaign that requires special attention? With preview your agent decides when to make the call and see, in advance, the contact information on his/her screen.

Agentless mode

This additional mode is perfect for outbound campaigns. Our call center software automatically launches calls and when they are answered, a self-defined IVR service is automatically launched.

Contact more and sell more with EVOLUTION, our call center software

Increase the success of your outbound campaigns and accelerate your sales thanks to the dialer of EVOLUTION call center software.

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