Voice of the customer is no longer a new concept. In fact, you’ve probably been measuring your customer satisfaction for a few years using their feedback in part. Therefore the voice of the customer has become an essential precept of any contact center director or CMO. However, it is profoundly beign transformed with technological innovations in the contact center.

With the increasingly intricate integration of artificial intelligence in our tools and lifes, it is now much easier and more efficient to take advantage of what customers say when they call us. And the best news is that you don’t even have to ask them to find out what they think. But what is this witchcraft?

Nice to meet you, speech analytics

It is the art of identifying and analyzing what a person is saying simply by using their voice. It may already be a familiar concept to you. If you use a voice server like the one in ICR Evolution, you may also use our speech recognition technology to find out the reason for the customer’s call and direct them to the best available agent.

Speech Analytics stands as one of the most useful tools for contact centers, especially in relation to the customer experience.

But speech analytics encompasses much more than just Intelligent Contact Routing. In particular, it allows you to analyze the feeling of a conversation to anticipate potential complaints, and even help your agent in real time, using your CRM to display content or a script that can resolve the complaint before it occurs.

In addition, speech is now an additional data set, its analysis also allows you to make more precise and more detailed predictions and statistics about the expectations of your customers, since with speech analytics, the voice of the customer is automatically added to your reports.

Analyzing speech is a very good starting point, but since a large portion of the contacts today are not telephonic, alternative processes are needed to cover the analysis in its entirety and not miss a part of the customer opinions.

We recently talked about social listening and how to take advantage of what internet users say about your brand and product online. Social listening still brings a broader set of data but they are not necessarily your customers, so it is not enough to have this.


Speech Analytics, a great source of information

It is perhaps one of the most hackneyed sentences today, but the certainty of “Knowledge is power” is too obvious to ignore. Information is the starting point to achieve objectives that, at first glance, seem complex. However, many companies do not apply this tool 100% effectively in their customer service departments.

The reasons end up being of a different nature, but roughly it could be said that ignorance and the type of praxis in data processing are the most common. In addition, Speech Analytics has always been related only to Contact Center departments. However, its application covers the rest of the departments.

Speech Analytics should be the starting point for the optimization of business dynamics, both internal (between employees) and external (with the client).

Natural Language Processing

It is an artificial intelligence process that allows understanding what has been said or written based on:

  • Recognition of the function of each word used individually
  • The syntax of the sentence, that is, the relationship of the words between them
  • Semantics, to determine cases where the word can have several senses

Speech recognition enters the NLP, but also issues such as translation from one language to another, spelling punctuation or the possibility of subtitling videos in real time. And like all kinds of artificial intelligence, the NLP learns and improves the more it works, which is a concept called Machine Learning, which we have already talked about.

In the contact center world, in addition to improving the analysis of your customers’ sentiment and contacts, the NLP allows you to build automatic responses and is used in chatbots.

We hope this article has allowed you to better discover this topic. Many times speech analytics and NLP are used together, and although they involve some investment and adaptation time for artificial intelligence to meet your needs, we think it is worth it.

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