Summer arrives and unconsciously we all relax, both clients and agents of the Call Center. There are statistics that affirm that during the summer the customer satisfaction index decreases up to 45%. Something like the loss of learning that children sometimes suffer when they leave school during their summer vacation. Studies confirm that 4th graders’ math test scores dropped 26% after summer break. The problem? School homework stops during summer break and children “forget” what they have learned. Therefore, teachers have to spend much more time reinforcing subjects at the beginning of each new school year.

Well, something similar happens with customer service. The quality of customer service, in general, tends to decline during the summer.  Experts classify it as the slide of the summer.

Why does it decrease?
More vacations, more leisure time, and less focus on work


Today we will share with you 5 tips to prevent this from happening and some suggestions on everything we can do to take advantage of this time of the year and keep your team attentive.



1. Launch new initiatives

Summer is a good time for new customer service initiatives. Summer, by default, tends to give companies a break when it comes to frenetic activity. If your business runs more relaxed during these months, the team could have a little more time to focus on training, for example, reinforcing the customer service survey, reviewing the customer satisfaction metrics or doing a customer service evaluation.

2. Prepare for summer customers

Has your business seen a change in customer demographics and backgrounds during the summer months? Maybe you get more tourists or the traffic standards change. Whether it decreases or increases the levels of calls, emails or messages, we must be prepared. Surely your usual bakery in your neighborhood has changed its staff levels due to fewer customers since that quick breakfast that moms made after leaving their children at school has disappeared; Or, instead, it receives more families who arrive a little later due to the relaxation of the holidays or a wave of tourists who passed by to regain strength. That is why we have to maintain our levels of Call Center agents, to maintain good service and provide good service.

3. Be ready for holidays

Employees will inevitably take more time off (vacation) during the summer. Employees must be trained in other areas to fill the positions and responsibilities of others. This training makes sure that during the absence of that person we will have good support. Remind employees to set “out of office” messages on their phone and email and include their substitute’s contact information in these messages.

4. Provide some extra benefits

You will see how their faces change and keep them cool during the suffocating summer temperatures. Organize events for team building. Have a cookout on Fridays, offer discounts on theme park tickets, or give occasional employees half days. Employees will appreciate these extras, helping to better capture their attention during work hours.


5. Keep your skills as a leader sharpened

The team takes the example of the leader. This means that customer service leaders have to be sharper than ever during the summer months. Share a weekly customer service suggestion; start a customer service book club; hold regular meetings to maintain fluid communication with the entire team.


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