Email continues to be one of the most reliable, useful and accessible contact channels for exchanging information between customers and the company. Given the constant flow of emails and the need to respond to them as quickly and efficiently as possible for the customer, having mail dispatching technology is now more important than ever.

What is mail dispatching

Mail Dispatching technology is an email management model based on directing or queuing received emails to the best prepared agent to deal with the query. Its operation is based on rule engines with all the fields that an email gives us (from, to, subject, etc.) and is supported by artificial intelligence solutions.

Integrate Mail Dispatching technology into your omnichannel strategy

With our software EVOLUTION you can integrate emails into your omnichannel strategy organically and without frictions. And, best of all, you will be available on all the channels your customers use! Do you want to know more? Find here the features that our omnichannel software offers to get the most out of email management:

1. Suitable agents

Receive, route, and assign incoming emails efficiently to the right agents.

2. Personalization

It doesn’t matter in which channel the communication has started, you can always send personalized emails to continue the management in this way. You will see all the interactions, through the different channels, reflected in the history of each client.

3. Better agent productivity

Customer service advisors can use pre-approved templates to deliver a consistent message, free of typos, and offering a unified image of your business. You can also save predefined attachments to speed up each interaction.

4. Email analysis

Analyzes the subject of incoming emails to provide automatic responses and reduce the number of inquiries handled by agents or have them handled by the most appropriate agent.

5. Immediate responses

Empodera a tus agentes con las herramientas necesarias para brindar respuestas rápidas y eficientes a los mails, que eviten interminables idas y vueltas para obtener información que retrasen la resolución de la consulta. 

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Trust our powerful omnichannel software tool

At ICR Evolution we help you connect with your clients in an agile, simple, efficient and productive way. Our software EVOLUTION allows you to be where your customers are, at the right time and in the most natural way, offering a 100% omnichannel customer service experience.

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