Customer service is nowadays vital in the sales cycle, especially when it comes to digital businesses. A good telemarketing strategy and adequate customer service are key to increasing your sales and customer loyalty. At this time when digital transformation is already a reality, it is important to know how to apply technology to optimize customer service. There are many practical solutions that you can implement in the customer service of your business with excellent results.


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Online support

It is one of the best services you can give your customer; serve them in real time from your own website. Not only because for the customer it is a great advantage and generates a lot of confidence the possibility of seeing his/her doubts answered at the moment in which they arise. The fact of being able to respond in writing, by voice or by video from your website will make them stay on your business page, which generates two great added advantages:

  • You will prevent their escape. You can leave either out of laziness, or because you prefer to let some time go by while you weigh the answer you get, or because another question arises and you think that you will come back (and you won’t always come back, actually), or because of a mistake (“What was the name of the page ? How did I get to it? I’ll look in the search engine and if I find another one that does the same thing before, total, who cares”). Through online support, the customer remains on the page, asks his/her question, immediately obtains a satisfactory answer to his/her doubts or objections and continues with the purchase process.
  • It will improve your bounce rate. As long as your website is open on a certain page of interest, you will be improving the bounce rate of your page. The online chat that opens in the same tab within the page makes the user stay on it. This will translate into good SEO, that is, you will take advantage of a negative experience (customer doubts) in a double positive action (a satisfied customer due to the appropriate rapid response and better search engine positioning).

Although ideally the customer does not require special attention to complete their purchase, using this technology to provide the answer that the customer is looking for helps to improve their level of satisfaction compared to other solutions such as a non-free customer service telephone number, since that does not generate inconveniences or suppose an added expense.

E-mail marketing automation

It is ideal for providing basic customer service with programmed responses to common actions. For example, you can implement the e-mails automation in cases such as:

  • Thank you for your purchase. And you can take advantage of it to try to retain the customer with a discount code for a later purchase in a certain date range.
  • Inform of the arrival of new products or the start of certain offers or promotions.
  • Welcome or register on the page.

Forums and customer or user communities

They are ideal for generating conversations between customers, who can answer each other’s questions based on their experiences with the brand. It is a good way to take advantage of technology to collect suggestions, check the degree of customer satisfaction with the brand, or make users aware of new promotions, offers or products. The role of the brand will be of moderator, just that.
These types of forums and communities are also very interesting in terms of customer loyalty, who feel part of the business. You can offer some kind of advantages to the most active members of the community, such as prizes in a points system or special discount coupons. You can make it very profitable.

Social media

Having a good Community Manager or a department specialized in these SSMM is vital today. Not only to answer the questions raised by your customers, but also as a continuous two-way communication channel. It is a fantastic way to publicize new products or services, inform about promotions, tell things about the brand that are interesting (awards received, new technology implemented, search for new talent, etc… It will help your business to retain users turning them, incidentally, into prescribers.

Mobile Attention

Mobile technology offers many possibilities to optimize customer service. The use of WhatsApp as a customer service channel, for example, to respond to your questions, claims or objections.
But this technology also allows you to optimize the service to your customers in other ways, for example:

  • Through SMS and MMS marketing campaigns.
  • Through the use of APPs to connect customers and brand.
  • Implement the use of geolocation to offer segmented offers to your physical business customers (store or restaurant chains, for example).
  • Carry out digital coupon campaigns displayed on the screen of the mobile phone without the need for printing.

The percentage of the population that uses a smartphone-type mobile phone is brutal, and taking advantage of this technology for your business is an opportunity that you should not miss.

Online survey

Online surveys allow you to monitor your business with the help of your customers or users. Thanks to their answers to surveys or micro-surveys, you will be able to find out questions such as:

  • Your degree of satisfaction with the brand or with the attention received after a doubt or complaint.
  • Evaluate your knowledge about the brand and its services or processes.
  • Know your impression about a new product on the web or a product you have purchased, an offer or a service you have contracted.

These answers are a valuable weapon that will help you make beneficial decisions to make your business more profitable.

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Telemarketing and/or telephone customer service management tools

Technology allows you to manage telephone customer service in a very different way than it was a few years ago. Instantly have all the information regarding the customer with whom the operator is speaking, whether to promote a sale, or to solve a doubt or claim, it is an enormous advantage that should not be underestimated in any case. Having this data allows you to provide your customers with personalized and exact attention.
The technology implemented in the telephone service process will be very profitable for you.

In the case of telemarketing, you can know the purchase history of each customer in order to be able to offer them the type of products or services that are most suitable for them. Knowledge is power, and when used well, it can be not only profitable for your company, it can also bring great satisfaction to your customer by responding to their needs before they arise. For example, having data such as their date of birth will allow you to offer them certain products on dates prior to it (interesting for e-commerce of wines or sweets, for example, party organization services, etc…).

As you can see, there are many simple and highly profitable ways to apply technology to optimize customer service in your business. Request a demo of our contact center software EVOLUTION to understand how can we help you improve your customer service quality.


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