Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are just around the corner. That is why visits to web pages skyrocket and multiply in a blink of an eye. November arrives with the most anticipated campaigns of the year! In times of pandemic, online shopping has grown, so it is mandatory to have a good customer service team.

Customer service must be prepared to deliver a flawless user experience. It is very important that you control every process from end to end to improve the customer experience when it comes to online purchases.

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Plan the dates of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Christmas campaign

This year it is estimated that most of the sales will be made online. Take advantage of these dates to increase your sales, generate interaction and create opportunities in the market.

You should identify the most wanted products before running your campaign and should pay attention to your sales channels. Implement the necessary technology to manage your sales flawlessly. Take into account how many agents do you have to face massive inquiries. Sudden increases in demand can be a problem if not managed in the best way. Try to show yourself close and differentiate yourself thanks to the user experience you offer.

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How to improve the performance of your Contact Center?

There are many ways to manage your contact center to face a flood of questions or problems. Here are five recommendations or basic points to prepare for days of high demand.

1. Digital presence

In these times of the year, inquiries and messages from customers increase considerably. Keep in mind all your digital channels and avoid saturation in your contact center. You can strengthen your online presence with the creation of landing pages associated with your campaigns. Monitor your social networks to offer the best customer service and stay close to them. Solve complaints, incidents or problems directly.

2. Training programs

Pay attention to your staff and invest in their professionalization. Include training programs for your salespeople and operators for these dates. Anticipate drastic increases in demand and strengthen your customer service team to deal with sales in this period. Personalized customer service will give your brand a plus. Reorganize your team and find a balance to be able to face the demand curve.

3. Omnichannel experience

Synchronize your communications with your sales. Implement a multichannel communication strategy to be close to your users. In Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas campaigns, special offers are launched to attract new leads. Consider your ability to attend all of them on time. Enable solutions to contact your company and keep customers happy. Contact centers must be prepared to manage all communications with clients efficiently and smoothly.

4. Process automation

Prepare your business with automation functions so that your contact center is not in chaos. Process automation is a great solution to unleash your customers. Self-service solutions allow your users to make the purchase autonomously through an ecommerce, interacting with a single seller. Follow-up of your leads and increase the productivity of your team.

Incorporate chatbots on web pages, social networks or even WhatsApp. These virtual assistants will provide you with an excellent solution to stay close to your client. Artificial intelligence can maximize your sales and detect needs or opportunities in real time.

5. Take care of your after-sales service

Do not forget that after making a sale the service continues. To complete the Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas campaign you must continue to strive to keep the customer happy and even exceed their expectations. Plan an after-sales strategy and make sure that the orders have reached your buyers on time. Don’t forget to measure your customers’ satisfaction with your service. Manage bad experiences and received attention. Solve incidents by improving First Call Resolution. All this is essential to measure the quality of the service of your Contact Center.

Rate these tips that we detail to anticipate the November campaigns and respond to your customers. Create an action plan to prepare your team. Create a good work environment and you will improve the productivity of your staff. Boost your contact center to face increases in demand and improve the customer service provided by your company. And you, are you ready for Black Friday?

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