Lockdown has accelerated the digitization of the world for six years

This is stated by Nacho de Pinedo, co-founder and CEO of ISDI. There has been a before and after. People connect even more, whether it is to communicate in videoconference – for work or with loved ones – to buy online or to watch a series or movie on a digital platform. And the customer experience has taken on more importance. But how can you evaluate customer satisfaction in your contact center?

Many companies only understood Contact Centers as something necessary in the physical world, but they have realized the need to have their business on the Internet and, therefore, have good customer service. It is true that many companies were not prepared and have had to adapt by force. Covid-19 has made thousands of companies open their eyes and become aware of the advantages of the digital age. This situation happened not many decades ago and the world would have stopped in its tracks. All the world. And the economy would be even worse.

Quality software for your contact center to face strong demand

Fortunately, technological advances have allowed us to continue working –it depends on the sector, of course-, buying, talking to other people, and so on. Companies must be aware of the importance of having omnichannel software such as EVOLUTION, which allows the management of a Contact Center in an easy and simple way, so that calls, emails, social networks and chats can be aimed at the most suitable agents and being able to offer the best way to connect with the client.

During the lockdown, not all companies have done badly, there are sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food and home, among others, that have done quite well. COVID19 is and has been the threat of these times. But there may be other contextual changes and emergency situations that interrupt the continuity. Those organizations that create processes to cope with change, rather than trying to address every problem that arises, will enjoy competitive advantages over those that are not made to adapt to a dynamic environment. There’s a big change that we all seem to be grappling with at once: How do you suddenly manage a workforce remotely? An effective cloud tool helps employees easily access and share information with each other and with customers, no matter where, how or on what device they choose to operate.

What if we told you that, despite COVID19, continuity could be restored and your company’s productivity could skyrocket? What if we told you that the technology you need is easily integrated, flexible to your needs and scope, and ready to use right now?


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How we redefine customer experience in the online channel

The satisfaction of your customers is essential, especially in times of crisis. With the lockdown, many businesses have had to “reinvent themselves or die”. If they did not innovate and adapt to the new times, they had to lower the blind. And a business that adapts to the digital age must offer security to its customers. This is a priority when buying. There are even those who prefer to pay more but that it is a company that offers that security. This, added to a good sales and after-sales service, will make them recommend you and have a good image.

We must also bear in mind that when customers contact you they should not be overwhelmed, so the contact process should be simple. Do not give it a thousand turns or ask for all the data to obtain information. We must take care of him/her and not make him/her feel intimidated to increase your database. Offer information in a clear and concise way.

Never forget that when a consumer is satisfied with the care received, they will buy or hire services again, so it is clear that a Contact Center is a good investment for the future. On the other hand, a bad management with the client can suppose a risk, since his experience could go viral, appearing comments and photos in Social Media or in some forum or web. And unfortunately, the reputation of the company could be at risk.

Information about your own sales service

It is recommended that, if you are convinced that you offer an optimal service during the sale of your products or during the contract of your services, you can give the possibility of answering a satisfaction survey. This will also help you improve, as sometimes overlooked issues are discovered.

If we ask our customers, we will know if the correct strategy is really applied. It is the most valuable information we can have. If it is good information it will indicate that we are on the right path, but if it is negative you will be able to discover the weaknesses of your company and act for an improvement.

Typically, in surveys, customers openly and spontaneously say what they think, and that’s a good thing, as they show sincerity. The questionnaire must be designed to obtain current and improvement information. Please do these shortly after purchase so that the answers are clear. If by answering the survey you invite the user to a giveaway, contest or apply a discount, you will get more accuracy and an increase in participation. And keep in mind that if there are changes in the sales strategy, it is advisable to change the survey, and adapt it.

It is time to satisfy your customers! Count on our software and you will not regret it. The time has come to be more efficient in all contact platforms with your users and customers so that they have a good experience and recommend or buy your products or hire your services.

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