How does our contact center improve thanks to 5G connectivity? Digital transformation marks the day-to-day of companies. This, together with the new routines “imposed” by the pandemic, have led to the entry of a new actor within the framework of contact centers: 5G connectivity.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus has led to a significant delay in the implementation of the 5G network (its “real” commercial deployment, according to the latest news, will not be until next 2022), the use of 5G technologies in the call center sector will have a positive impact on the different aspects related to the customer experience (Digital Customer Experience): maximize customer engagement, improve retention, or apply automation to improve the user experience.

What does the new 5G connectivity mean for the contact center sector? Keep reading!

What is 5G connectivity?

We call 5G to the fifth generation of mobile connectivity. The connectivity is a descendant of the 4G LTE connection and they say that its possibilities are unlimited, thanks mainly to its amazing speed. If we had to differentiate 4G and 5G:

  1. Scope: 1 million nodes per km2. This is the super reach that 5G connectivity will have, reaching many more users and with a network availability of almost 100%.
  2. Speed: browsing with 5G is up to 1,000 times faster than the previous generation. This speed will be what allows contact center companies to provide a much more agile and efficient customer service.
  3. Consumption: the 5G connection represents up to a 90% reduction in energy use for the network.
  4. More connected devices: the use of 5G allows up to 100 times more users and devices to connect than with its predecessor and without the typical network saturation.


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Society 5.0 and 5G connectivity

It is in this digital stage, a new context appears from Japan: Society 5.0 or superintelligent society, successor to the collecting and hunting society (1.0), the agricultural society (2.0), the industrial society (3.0) and the information society (4.0). A hyper-connected world where big data, the IoT (Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI) and robots are fully integrated with one goal: to provide a digital and physical infrastructure for the lives of people).

In this sense, Society 5.0 will be supported and guided by 5G connectivity for a fundamental reason: for this global hyperconnection to occur, it is necessary to have a technology that ensures connectivity practically in real time.

5G connectivity: applications in the contact center

That 5G networks will be a key element in this digital transformation is something that has always been clear to us. However, the technological changes required by 5G will lead to an increase in the attack surface and, as a consequence, a greater exposure of the network and an increase in potential cyberattacks. Hence, it is necessary to have a call center software where security and data protection are one of the most important points.

5G connectivity will enable different models of interaction and communication channels with the customer that until now were very difficult to achieve due to the so-called “internet access latency”. That is, the time of transmission or loading of information or a website.

That said, we give you three reasons why 5G will have a very positive impact on contact center management:

1. Call quality improvement

This will be one of the aspects where this reduction in latency problems will be most noticeable. The large volume of simultaneous calls that a contact center software has to sustain makes it necessary to have connectivity that reduces the number of missed calls.

2. A much more satisfying user experience

Thanks to the integration of 5G, companies can collect much better data and analytics for one purpose: to achieve a much more positive customer experience. In addition to this, the browsing speed offered by 5G favors new channels of interaction with the user, such as videoconferencing. Omnichannel, more present than ever.

3. Greater mobility of agents

Once the use of 5G connectivity spreads, and taking into account the current context in which teleworking is fully integrated into our daily lives, having our agents in the same physical location may be a thing of the past. 5G allows a connection of the highest quality and speed regardless of where your agents are. This allows more flexibility and, therefore, less chance of suffering the so-called burnout syndrome.

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