Contact center: how to take advantage of its benefits in summer? We are fully immersed in summer, that time of year when life flows at a different speed for a very obvious reason and that it will not be difficult for you to guess: summer vacations.

The summer months make us unconsciously relax. And here we talk about both customers and professionals in a contact center. It is a fact: the quality of the service when we talk about interaction with the client decreases during the summer season.

But don’t worry, today we are not here to talk about the least positive part of summer. This season is ideal for many companies (tourism, hotel or travel sectors), whose increase in the number of interactions with their customers is quite remarkable. In short: contact center in summer, how to take advantage of its benefits? Read on, we’ll tell you more here!

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Contact center: customer experience in summer, some data

Starting from the fact that many users get in touch with contact centers to manage and hire their products or services, this translates into aspects such as:

  • increase in bookings,
  • Increase in requests for information
  • And, inevitably, an increase in claims and incidents

Taking into account, in addition, that on vacation the number of staff is usually reduced. And this is where the omnichannel contact center comes into action. An omnichannel that will allow the quality of the services of a contact center not to be affected, in relation to customer service.

Importance of having an omnichannel platform

Having a good omnichannel contact center software is, therefore, a must for any company that wants to offer an adequate service to its users in summer (and always).

And this is fundamentally due to the main advantage of integrating this omnichannel software: concentrating interactions from different channels (incoming and outgoing calls, social media, email, etc.). This integration could be compared, in a certain way, with a “centralized office”, very useful also in the case of those contact center agents who work remotely (or in a hybrid way) during the summer.

Contact center in summer: advantages

In this way, and after making clear the importance of having an omnichannel software, we can highlight some advantages that benefit the agent who is in charge of interacting with users in the contact center. For example:

  • Process optimization: omnichannel software (such as EVOLUTION) allows you to manage any database in an agile, simple and intuitive way for agents. This implies a reduction in the time of each action and, therefore, in costs.
  • Analysis of data and metrics (KPIs), basic to measure both customer satisfaction and the level of service of employees. This is perfect to analyze and establish improvements for the summer seasons of the following years.
  • A “good summer” can mean loyalty the rest of the year. And it is not casual: customers spend a lot of time planning their summer vacations and good customer service in a contact center or call center can make the relationship with customers take hold and last over time.

Contact center in summer: discover EVOLUTION by ICR Evolution

Offering good customer service in a contact center, with motivated agents in summer and despite the apparent difficulties that we mentioned at the beginning of this post, has many advantages for any company.

In this sense, betting on investing in good software can be an unbeatable opportunity to position yourself in the market against the competition. Do you want to know how our omnichannel contact center software can help you? Request a demo here!

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