Delivering an exceptional customer experience is essential for today’s businesses. A good product is not enough. If you want to stay afloat in today’s competitive world, you must learn to play your cards right. Knowing how to offer personalized, effective and bold customer service so that it becomes a valuable asset for the consumer.

For this reason, having a cloud contact center is a good ally to guarantee user satisfaction and, at the same time, facilitate the daily work of agents to help them perform better.

Cloud contact center vs. Virtual contact center

A contact center manages a company’s inbound and outbound calls and serves customers through integrated digital service channels (for example, email, web chat, text messaging, or social media). These channels allow customers to engage with a business based on their preferences. But what is the difference between cloud contact center software and a virtual one?

In terms of features, Cloud Call Center and Virtual Call Center are very similar and meet the same needs. Still, a cloud contact center is the set of cloud-based tools and services specifically designed to handle all customer interactions, whether inbound or outbound.

A virtual contact center, on the other hand, is a contact center where agents work from different locations. This allows companies to save on expenses and allows agents to work in different regions and time zones (in addition to improving the employee experience).

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Cloud solution vs. a traditional solution

Until a few years ago, contact center technologies used to provide very limited options. This forced them to invest in large infrastructures that generated large expenses and disabled the possibilities of scaling the service if necessary.

Having a contact center in the cloud is an easy and quick solution to implement, and above all, affordable for any type of company. Unlike a traditional center, a cloud-based solution allows you to access and manage customer service from anywhere in the world, thus expanding reach and effectiveness.

Advantages of a cloud contact center

Flexible organization

Because cloud contact centers are less dependent on a physical location, they are a much more flexible option for organizations that have agents working in multiple locations. In addition, they allow you to expand your presence in other territories and guarantee assistance coverage in a more direct and immediate way.

On the other hand, integrating a cloud solution also facilitates better communication between agents through collaboration platforms or telecommunications APIs. For example, web-based services (SaaS platforms), enterprise software (ERP) or internal custom software.

Multi-channel support

Today’s customers expect variety and immediacy. Having multiple communication options makes it easy for customers to contact a company in the way they prefer. For example, a virtual contact center that leverages cloud-based communication tools can offer customers different channels or access points for secure support. This includes both phone calls, voice or IVR bots, online chat, chatbots, instant messaging, and even social media platforms.

Thus, companies get better control over their communication, and the customer enjoys a certain autonomy over how and when to interact. This wide range of channels also provides a much more accessible space for everyone, mitigating the interruptions that can be caused by time differences, access to the web interruptions or possible hearing or speech disabilities.

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Technology at the service of people

Automatic call distribution (DLA) is one of the technological solutions that works best in terms of customer service quality, while facilitating the daily work of the contact center team. Having a route designed for each interaction and workflow is essential so that clients reach the professional who best meets their needs as soon as possible and do not waste their time or damage satisfaction with the company.

It is a solution that also allows you to react faster when there is a sudden increase in incoming contacts, and also helps improving first contact resolution, the most precious virtue of any contact center.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, or the integration of artificial intelligence, such as the monitored responses of bots and chatbots, are an integrated resource in any contact center in the cloud that exponentially improves the quality of the service offered.

Automatic data collection

Data is a fundamental tool for any company, but especially for a contact center. With them, it is possible to know and measure both customer satisfaction, as well as their needs or frustrations throughout the entire process of purchasing the good or service. All information and analysis about a user’s interactions with the company can help agents. Serve future queries better, prepare a more up-to-date call script, and create a twice as satisfying user experience automatically.

With cloud tools like CRM integration, agents can view comprehensive caller data, call history, or call duration. With this information, companies can analyze trends and measure results to apply improvements.

Cost reduction

Without any doubts, one of the main advantages of a contact center in the cloud is the easy implementation and the reduction of costs. In addition to the initial profitability, by not having to invest in space and physical equipment, solutions hosted in the cloud do not require periodic maintenance, they are automatically updated without the need to invest in an on-site technical team, so it is also an economic model long-term.

Greater security

Security is one of the main concerns when it comes to handling sensitive data or personal information of customers or potential customers. Therefore, investing in quality software is essential if you do not want to take risks. Make sure you integrate proper identity management. Also, a call encryption and a good active directory to perform policy and permission management efficiently and smoothly.


ICR Evolution: your ally in the cloud

The era of cloud contact center has arrived. Businesses around the world are looking for a formula that provides this exceptional customer service for the consumer while being profitable for the business.

Our omnichannel software EVOLUTION is the tool you are looking for. The best solution to exceed customer expectations, make your company stand out from your competitors and maximize the potential of agents. Request a free personalized demo now!


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