As we have seen in recent years, there is no doubt that the future of business transformation and continuity is the cloud. If we talk about the contact center, meeting current demands such as availability, security, immediacy and agility is essential for its activity. Conventional contact center infrastructure models are no longer prepared to respond to these new business models, which is why they are migrating their infrastructures to the cloud. There is a wide range of Cloud services, what is called Cloud Computing, made up of multiple options.

Here we share with you which is the best cloud solution to host a contact center architecture and why choose it.

What is the best cloud architecture for contact centers?

Without a doubt, one of the best choices when it comes to hosting a contact center architecture is the Private Cloud solution.

Choosing a private Cloud means choosing an environment where the client can use computing and storage resources exclusively without being managed locally on servers or devices, being able to access through the cloud. These environments work through dedicated virtual servers.

As these resources are not shared with other clients, they are the sole owner, which implies a series of advantages for the user and the architecture itself.

Advantages of choosing Private Cloud for the architecture of your contact center

The architecture that supports a call or contact center project is the main key to ensure its stability, quality and business continuity. These are some of the advantages of choosing the Private Cloud:


  • Dedicated or shared virtual firewall, perimeter protection of cloud communications, fully customizable. 
  • BaaS and DRaaS backup systems, environments protected by backup and replicas with personalized RTO and RPO for each client. 
  • VMWare technology, pioneer in the cloud and virtual market. 
  • Physical and virtual infrastructure monitored 24x7x365, servers monitored and protected by a proactive platform. They allow to identify failures that are close to happening and to keep track of them.
  • Scalability, HA high availability and full tolerance, redundant architecture with fault tolerance in the event of possible service degradation. 
  • Data Center located in the EU: Spain and France, with high standards of reliability, power, cooling and security controls. Certified in the TIER III classification. 
  • Redundancy, in case of failure of any of the dedicated servers of the productive cluster, services are restarted in the contingency data center. 
  • Fault tolerance, for environments that require a fall time close to 0. 
  • Protection through IDS/IPS systems, in order to protect services exposed to the internet.


This cloud architecture is ideal for call centers because they have confidential information and must ensure compliance with data protection and management. A private cloud offers security, high availability, and excellent scalability and customization, making it a flexible solution. Access to private cloud resources is restricted by prior authorization, usually via VPN. In addition to having the necessary protection to avoid unnecessary intrusions.


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