Contact centers are a key point of interaction between the company and the consumer. Therefore, they must be able to establish fluid communication in all digital channels.

Having the technology to personalize the customer experience means investing in software tools that, depending on the platform and provider, can be beyond the budget of some companies.

If this is your case, don’t worry. Having a CCaaS platform hosted in the cloud may be the solution you are looking for to guarantee excellent customer service while maintaining a high return on investment.

What is a CCaaS?

CCaaS (contact center as a service) is a cloud-based customer experience software that gives contact centers all the tools agents need to deliver exceptional customer service.

Basically, CCaaS allows calls (inbound and outbound) to be received efficiently, at any time and location, and all through the cloud.

Depending on the customer service software that the contact center has, implementing a CCaaS has many advantages (which we will see below), but we will give you a preview: it allows, for example, to be able to integrate services from any communication channel (email, social media, mobile devices or real-time chat) in a single platform.

Some of the functions of CCaaS are:

How CCaaS in a Contact Center Affects ROI

In digital marketing, ROI (Return on investment) is the mechanism that indicates the effectiveness of advertising campaigns carried out in your company. In simple terms, it is the relationship between what you spend on marketing and the money generated by the sales achieved.

The result will tell you if you have earned more money than you spent on advertising. Or if, on the contrary, you must make some change in your way of investing. The variables that are investigated are the number of times a customer buys again, the comments or recommendations made to other potential users. Therefore, providing solutions that enhance the quality of customer service is key to generating positive ROI.

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Integrate a good software to allow customers to choose their preferred channel

Most customers have a preferred way to communicate. Each situation also requires a specific channel. General inquiries usually start with an email, on the other hand, a quick and routine inquiry can be given through social media, and a somewhat more complex claim or inquiry, by phone call.

Integrating a CCaaS is essential for customers to connect with the company through any channel, thus facilitating communication and query resolution (and therefore, improving ROI).

Solve problems faster

Time is a factor that we all value, and that becomes key to improving the customer experience. CCaaS systems correctly route calls and relay the information to the next agent so as not to disrupt customer time and experience. When there is an unexpected increase in call volume, they also offer callback functionality, and contact the customer when the agent is available again.

Improve productivity

Being a customer service agent is a demanding profession. However, CCaaS can make the job of agents much easier. With it, agents get access to all customer information in one location. Plus, they don’t have to move between different platforms to complete tasks.

Execute a follow-up analysis

Success depends on meeting critical performance criteria. Service level agreements, customer retention rates, customer satisfaction, and average resolution rates are just a few examples of criteria that management can easily follow and improve.

A flexible solution adapted to new technologies

A CCaaS solution means that your Call Center can get access to the latest technology integrations without investing in installing new hardware and software. This is why it is an easy solution with reduced costs for companies looking to improve both customer service and ROI.

Integrate a CCaaS in your Contact Center with our Omnichannel Software to improve ROI

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