How have call center companies grown? The sector is trendy. This was confirmed by the latest study by sectors of the DBK Sectorial Observatory, published recently and from which we highlight two points: call center companies increased their income by 60% in ten years, and more focused on 2020, the volume of business of companies of the sector in 2020 was 0.8% higher than the previous year. Good news for a sector that, despite the negative effects caused by the pandemic, has not only resisted but has done it registering a positive growth rate.

Elaborated based on information from the main leading companies in the sector, DBK’s study by sectors delves into the evolution and trends of the sector, the relationship between clients and companies, medium and short-term forecasts or possible opportunities and threats that call centers can face.


Up to 3.3 billion in turnover of the call center sector in 2020

This study (you can check the summary here) shows how the sector had a turnover of up to 3.3 billion euros in 2020, 0.8% more than in 2019. The growth of the call center sector was mainly based on customer service located in Spain, whose increase in this period was 3.9% (about 2375 million euros). What is important, the sector has remained stable throughout this time, with 75 companies dedicated to providing call center services for third parties.

More than 90% of companies use a call center for customer service

Another important aspect that we take from this study is the fact that 92% of companies use call centers as communication channels to carry out customer service activities, of which 60% do so internally to preserve quality of service. That is why at ICR Evolution we are clear about the importance not only of using this service but also of having good omnichannel software.

2022 is coming… which is the forecast for the call center sector?

Analyzing the results of last year, which is the forecast for the years 2021 and 2022? After the complex scenario of health and economic crisis caused by COVID-16 (a situation against which, as we told you above, the call center sector resisted with good results). We can say, based on the results of the study, that the forecast for next years remains positive: everything points to a reactivation of the growth rate, something logical if we think that the post-COVID era will also bring a recovery of the economy at the national and international level.


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