A pending issue for the vast majority of companies today is cybersecurity. Attacks on organizations have grown exponentially in recent years and most are not yet prepared to mitigate and deal with these assaults. If we talk about cybersecurity in the contact centers, having robust and effective solutions is essential, since most of the assets in this sector are made up of confidential customer data.

Today it must also be taken into account that many agents telework, so security is even highly exposed. Home connections are a high risk for any type of attack. Not only is it important to have a robust and dedicated infrastructure, but to have the right cybersecurity solutions ready to protect the entire architecture. This does not mean that any attack is impossible to enter, but it does mitigate and reduce their impact.

3 key solutions to protect your contact center

Here are 3 essential solutions to protect your contact center from computer attacks.


One of the fundamental solutions for the telecommuting modality are VPNs, virtual private networks that allow agents to connect remotely to the software in a secure way. Thanks to this, many different networks and even servers can be linked.

When using a private network, a layer of encryption and authentication is applied to the route to protect the network traffic through which the data circulates. It consists of creating a communication channel within a computer network.

Dedicated virtual firewall

Having a perimeter security system is essential for a private cloud infrastructure for contact centers. In this case it is a virtual firewall since the infrastructure is hosted in the cloud. The advantage of this security system is that it allows customization and adaptation to the project to be protected.


This cybersecurity solution is an attack detection and port scanning engine that alerts, registers and responds to any anomaly in the software. IDS systems are solutions that are responsible for detecting intruders, monitoring incoming traffic through exhaustive network analysis and port scanning, making comparisons to issue alerts to suspicious activities. It allows IT managers to be warned to take action before suffering an irreversible disaster.

On the other hand, IPS systems take care of intrusion prevention. It sits between the firewall and the rest of the network, monitoring incoming data packets. It checks the traffic before entering the corporate network, preventing everything suspicious from entering.

Other ways to protect contact center solutions are software updates, especially on those platforms where there are chats, click-to-call or integrations with third parties.

However, in any organization, regardless of the sector, training in cybersecurity for its employees must be taken into account, since it is the first link in the chain and, on many occasions, the knowledge of employees prevents many disasters.

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